Crypto Crash 🙄😱 Aaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh!steemCreated with Sketch.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Hard days...

  • Market Cap: 87billion
  • nearly every coin goes down
  • and with nearly I mean every
  • not just 5%, no, up to 25% and it's not the first day

But the positive thing is: The most who panic-sells now just wanted fast money and get 'rich' with the hype. For the real believers in cryptos is this a very good opportunity to buy cheap coins after they will go to the moon! (Damn, I got no money left right now :D)

So don't panic, stay cool and don't invest money you need.

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I'm HODLing on :)


Good decision! ;)

when the market drops its good for new investors that are in this market, we will go on a bull run soon


Exactly :)


@cryptotraderx right
seems you a big timer in crypto trading
any idea where one can invest his sbd? am looking at any full proof auto trader?

nice post ,,, you have good blog , Good luck. Comrade

Crocodile Teeth...........Pullbacks are buying opportunities


Like I said =)


please explain better what you meant by
'Crocodile Teeth...........Pullbacks are buying opportunities"
for us who wanna invest, your shark teeth and comment is causing me some confusion;)

Gut gesagt ! Sieht mir nach einer normalen Marktreaktion aus - wenn es stark nach oben geht, muss es auch mal wieder dementsprechend nach unten wandern .. Schöner Post - Upvote ! :)


Ja, normale Korrektur. Kann ja nicht nur Up gehen. Leider :D

@hansen7 the true nature of these cryptocurrencies shows how volatile it is...wisdom s need in trading in such and as you said, do not invest money you need!
thanks for this post