Warning! Another investment scam - uTrader Bitcoin

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Good Morning steemians,

Today I would like to share an information about quite new platform which is promoted in the internet. I also want to warn you to by very careful with putting your money in this platform. It is called uTrader Bitcoin.

It is a kind of market where you can invest your maney in for example:

  • indexes

and other over 150 assets

Nothing suspicious in first contact but the problem it when they say that you can earn up to 85 % of your deposit on the market predictions. In it based od SpotOption software. SpotOption is one of the leaders in the trading industry, and their software is used by numerous brokers all around the world. ( So they say). Their system is offering that you know the price of any asset a minute before it will be shown on global market. ( unbelieveable)

On the website below they are advertising that the Anonymous Group took care about the world's business and they hacked the extremely top secret data server which is used by the richest people around the world. Those reachest people know the prices of asset before it is shown to the global market- so thats the way they earn. Everyone can ear up to 1000 $ per day that is the limit - for free of course. So the Utrader bitcoin works the same as that top secret server I have mentioned before.


So now the Anonymous Group is trading to make poor people rich... so gratefull

Please be careful, nothing in this worls is for free, be aware and read regulations before putting money in it..


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