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RE: Why is always more profitable to trade alts vs BTC, not vs USD

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

It makes perfect sense to trade BTC vs Alt as BTC is the gateway coin that you need to go through to buy most alts. If you have $100 and but BTC with it, you could just hold the BTC, or you could trade alts. If you trade alts and make a 50% profit, that is 50% over the profit you would have made holding BTC.

If you measure success against USD and make 50%,but BTC goes up by 50% in the same time frame, you haven't really made any trading profit as holding BTC would have yielded the same profits.

As I tend to only trade with BTC (and alts bought with this) which was obtained via mining etc and not purchased at any particular price, I would much rather see trades compared to BTC and not USD.


That is exactly why I made this post. I don't know why people still wants to trade alts vs usd...

But what if BTC is unstable or falling like a stone?

Because it's pretty hard to understand this haha