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Hello fellow Steemians sorry I haven't posted in awhile just been super busy but found this new project thought I would like to share with you guys and hopes that it can blow up and make everybody involved some money. Of course I have always then and always will be a fan and owner of Steem, however I am always looking to diversify. That being said I will tell you how about the next cryptocurrency project that I'm excited about. It is called PI and their objective is to fairly distribute all tokens pre-market to the general population and not just big investors. They work on the Stellar consensus protocol and they're mining uses no data and hardly any power on your phone. Just click a confirmation button once every 24 hours to receive your coins. There is no value of the coin yet they plan to be on Market Q4 four of 2019. I just thought I would bring this to all of your attention think it's really worth a look. If you are interested please follow the link below and enter my username to benefit both you and myself. And as always thank you and happy Steeming everyone!

Follow this link to download the PI App for Android or IOS.

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