Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Hits Record Low - [2022-01-20 Eixo75]

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Twitter debuts hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures - Reuters:

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) on Thursday announced the launch of a tool through which users can showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs)as their profile pictures, tapping into a digital collectibles cr…

Twitter Blue利用者はNFTをプロフィール写真として使用可能に: Sarah Perez,Nobuo Takahashi

米国時間1月20日、Twitter(ツイッター)はユーザーが自分のNFT(非代替性トークン)を見せびらかす仕組みを新たに導入した。NFTはブロックチェーンに保管されたデジタル資産を証明する仕組みだ。同社はNFT Profile Pictures(NFTプロフィール写真)を、iOSのTwitter Blue(ツ…

Multichain hacker returns 322 ETH, keeps hefty finders fee: Cointelegraph By Surajdeep Singh

Owing to a security vulnerability in six tokens, Multichain users lost more than $3M over the week. A white hat hacker returned 322 ETH, but in excess of 527 ETH is still exploited.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Will Convert His First Paycheck Into Cryptocurrency: Yueqi Yang and Shelly Banjo / Bloomberg

New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed his first paycheck—which arrives on Friday—will be converted into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Russia set to join growing number of countries banning cryptocurrencies: Evgenia Pismennaya and Andrey Biryukov

The central bank of Russia, the third-biggest crypto mining nation in the world, proposed a blanket ban on the use and creation of all cryptocurrencies domestically.


Kryptobörse bestätigt unautorisierte Abbuchungen in Millionenhöhe: Frank Schräer vermeidet das Wort Hackerangriff, aber 483 Anwender waren betroffen. Die Kryptobörse erstattet 29 Millionen Euro aus eigener Tasche.

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Buys for 1/20: 247chrislange

Here's a look at what the ARK Invest exchange-traded funds bought on January 20, 2022.

New York Belediye Başkanı, ilk maaşını kripto para olarak alacak:

New York Belediye Başkanı Adams, yarın ilk maaaşının kendisine Bitcoin ve Ethereum olarak ödeneceğini açıkladı.

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest Sells for 1/20: 247chrislange

Here's a look at what the ARK Invest exchange-traded funds sold on January 20, 2022.,[email protected]/v1641385343/itpro/2022/January/GettyImages-mysterious figure.jpg

A month in the life of a social engineer - part three: Jane Hoskyn

With the master plan now well underway, we learn how the hacker exploits their target's ‘unpatchable’ human flaws to gain access to corporate systems

Intel’s Flagship ARC Alchemist Gaming Graphics Card With 32 Xe Cores Spotted: On Par With NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti, Up To 2.1 GHz Clocks: Hassan Mujtaba

A brand new entry of Intel's flagship ARC Alchemist Gaming graphics card has been spotted within the SiSoftware Sandra database. Intel ARC Alchemist Flagship Gaming Graphics Card Spotted In Leaked Benchmark: On Par With NVIDIA's RTX 3070 Ti at 2.1 GHz Clocks …

Apparently, Intel Is Getting Into The Bitcoin ASIC Game: Marty Bent

Intel thinks it can deliver Bitcoin ASICs much more efficiently at lower cost, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Bitcoin’s Plan To Fix The Crowdfunding Problem?: khalisol

Crowdfunding has been around for some time now, and although it has been a hard time for some projects to gain funds, bitcoin could be the answer. Let’s look at the root of the troubles and how crypto could potentially address them. Related Reading | Downward…

Tennessee ax woman hacked dad’s arm and gave grandpa black eye, deputies allege: Michael Ruiz

A Tennessee woman allegedly chopped her dad with an ax and punched her grandpa in the face before they disarmed and subdued her, according to authorities.

Google Considers Reducing Webpage Crawl Rate via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern: Matt Southern

Google may reduce the frequency of crawling webpages as it grows more conscious of the sustainability of crawling and indexing.The post Google Considers Reducing Webpage Crawl Rate appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Investing in crypto? ASIC chairman sounds warning: Bernd Struben

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have tumbled hard in the early weeks of 2022. The post Investing in crypto? ASIC chairman sounds warning appeared first on The Motley Fool Australia.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Hits Record Low: Dylan LeClair And Sam Rule

Shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) hit record lows against net asset value.

Things that go up in value: ERIC KIM

What if in the future, maybe 30 years from now, you could buy a house with just one bitcoin? For example, the number of bitcoin you own might not change, but, the value of each individual bitcoin will go up. Especially, as the public slowly but surely will lo…

Twitter Is Now Allowing Some Users to Display Their NFTs, I’m So Sorry: Asha Barbaschow

We seem to be in the middle (or the start) of an NFT craze. But however you want to put... The post Twitter Is Now Allowing Some Users to Display Their NFTs, I’m So Sorry appeared first on Gizmodo Australia. Related Stories

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