[FINISHED] 5 STEEM Prize (winner take all) - Hangman Style Hidden Phrase *clues given until we have a winner*

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With so much red and prices falling in the cryptocurrency space, I thought I would lighten the mood here on Steemit and do a quick fun contest - with the winner getting 5 STEEM as a prize for solving the hidden phrase below.

The hidden phrase is in the 'HIDDEN PHRASE & CLUES COMMENT" below this post.

I will give clues are varying intervals to help move things along. I will do this in the 'HIDDEN PHRASE & CLUES COMMENT" below this post.


  1. Resteem this post.
  2. Upvote this post.
  3. Make a guess/submit your answer.
  4. Make a new comment each time you submit a guess.
  5. 1 guess per person per hour.
  6. Do not edit your comment/s.
  7. My decision is final.

First person who has followed the above rules to submit the correct answer will get 5 STEEM sent to their account by me. I will use my Steemd.com feed to determine the winner (who was 1st with correct guess).

Simple. Hope you have fun.
Thanks and good luck.

GAME OVER : @direwolf is the winner ☺

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The hidden phrase is: "_ i c k / K y _ _ i _ s / a _ k _ a _ d l y / _ l a y i _ _ / _ a _ _ i _ _ s"

Note: the '/' are NOT part of the phrase - they are just used as a separator of the words in the phrase.

Clue 1. the letter 'A' has been revealed
Clue 2. Sport
Clue 3. the letter 'L' has been revealed
Clue 4. the letter 'Y' has been revealed
Clue 5. Australia
Clue 6. Male
Clue 7. Nike
Clue 8. the letter 'I' has been revealed
Clue 9. 30
Clue 10. the letter 'D' has been revealed
Clue 11. the letter 'C' has been revealed
Clue 12. the letter 'K' has been revealed
Clue 13. Tennis
Clue 14. the letter 'S' has been revealed


any more clues?


Hi, thanks for playing along.
I've just updated the clues.

Bonus Clue: the 1st word is a 1st name.

1st person to respond to this comment can guess a letter...

Nick Kyrgios awkwardly playing bagpipes



Well done friend... 5 Steem coming your way in a few minutes.



Oh man, thanks a lot! I gave you another full upvote and a follow.

Will you be doing this again?

Thanks again for the 5 STEEM.


Wow. Thanks, that was nice of you.

Yeah most likely do more... inject some fun every now and then.

Cheers 😃


cool 👍

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