Taking a break from cryptocurrencies - Thank you all my over 800 followers!

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🌊Recently I have been feeling like I have a constant need to check the prices from coinmarketcap.com🌊
By saying constantly, I mean like 5 times during a mid day and over 10 times during a day.
This has become a habit that's not healthy in the long term.
I feel like I need to get rid of this habit because it won't do any change to my investments as I'm not day trading anything.

First thing you do in the morning?

Have a tremendous boner but other than that...
For me it's been for too long - opening my phone and checking all the messages / prices / news
Waking up from the dream world and instantly switching to informative mode just feels like a routine, I feel like I don't give myself enough time in the morning just to lay down and slowly start thinking about the stuff I should be doing during the day.
Well being conscious about your surroundings and stuff is important but apparently you can become addicted to it.
I think that's what I'm currently experiencing, I feel like I need to stay ahead of crypto news in order to keep my investments safe as with everything.

All my actions define my day and I don't want to do this for next 3-5 years as I'm planning to be in the invested in cryptos. I'm starting to distance myself from the scheme as it's starting to eat a lot of my energy and thoughts.
Investing in Neo was the best thing I did when it was just 4 usd, still holding a few and I'm hoping big returns on it, other than that I highly recommend checking out Tenx and their roadmap.
I wont however stop being steemit active because I'm quite sure this platform is in the early stages of big breakthrough and therefore it would be extremely stupid to ignore this opportunity.

Thank you all my beloved over 800 followers that have been following me! ❽➍➊ ❤❤

I wanna thank all my followers as well, it's inspiring to see that over 800 people are already following me!
This journey has been amazing in steemit, seen a lot of up's and down's, I'd like to see it continue for this year as well and I hope you will keep following me in 2018 as well!
Everyone who dares to comment this post in 7 days will receive my generous 100% upvote ;)
Steem on and keep sharing your ideas!
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I know just what you mean! Checking out the prices many times per day puts some stress on my mind. I have to take a break from that as well! Congrats on 800 followers!

@trendo yes it's starting to be an addiction to me and I don't like not to be in control of things ;)

great work, i vote for u, i'm new member

This is the exact feeling I have at the end of the day. With all the crypto market going down recently, I check the prices more frequently.
Invested in Neo so early ? I bet you followed cryptos for too long then.

Yes I have been following it since 2013 btc boom, just too much day trading has backfired a lot of my assets. ;) wink wink

He he.

Ditto. Not gonna be checking how much my coins are worth... at least until tomorrow :DDD

Atleast delegate your SP! Then you can earn a decent profit per weekly! Don't leave this is just a beginning!


I am also have a same feeling bro...every a i lose the sleep by showing the rates of the crypto to buy and sell ...from last few waeks its a very bad market running in the bitcoin and also some other coins...i dont understand what have to do buy or sell..i am also want to take a breake for few days....thank you bro for sharing info with us..


@goofyu - Sir don't leave, STEEM is about to go to moon, so hang on Sir...


Thanks for sharing this. I have been trying to be careful with not checking too much. We still have to keep living our lives and make memories with family and friends and this can certainly pull us away from some quality time. Keep the balance going!

Congrats on hitting the milestone 1K followers coming soon :D

By saying constantly, I mean like 5 times during a mid day and over 10 times during a day.

This is truly not a good habbit if you do not make daily trading :)
For HODL it is enough to check twice - in the morning and in the evening.

My daily schedule is more or less like this but I dont think I will be able to take a break like you, its a bit hard for me and that is how I have adjusted my life.

Thank you @goofyu and Have a great day.

Oh dear, then give me your posting key...this way your SP can be optimally used and also your can earn some curation reward.

Thank you.

I think you have taken a correct decision but why not delegate your SP to me then, I will pay you steem for that, and when you come back, take your SP back. Let me know if you are serious about this offer and I am available on discord with the id name.

Thank you @goofyu...steem on and stay blissful...

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Congrats on 800 followers and follow you

I know the feeling dude, I kow the feeling...