Fastest recovery I have ever seen in cryptomarket

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As we all have seen that the market took 300 B hit during the two days

Mystically it has recovered almost fully till now. Did I sell? Nah only bought more bitcoin in 9.9k price.
A lot of hype behind Wanchain for next couple of days, I hope people haven't forgotten Neo's upcoming devcon?

Few things I'll answer to regarding the dip

Losing -30% value in everything you are hodling, how does it feel?

  • It felt honestly like shit, keeping my mind occupied with other stuff helped a lot.

Every year same time almost like clockwork?

  • Yes it almost feels like some bigger fishes are playing us a bit here and buying the sale coins more and more everytime.

Anything I learned during the dip?

Don't open the exchange, seeing the damage makes it worse.

Continuing from now on

I won't change anything that I have done before, my portfolio has changed a bit during 2017 but for 2018 I have clear vision. Speed / scalability / fee's (being better) are gonna play a huge role this year.
Researching before investing and not going into every hype coin will let you sleep your nights calmly.
Stay calm and hodl!

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Maybe the new ATH reach us soon!

Haha, yeah when there's a downfall like that, it's best not to look at the prices if you hold a lot of coins, because it can put a lot of stress on your mind... But the recovery was really awesome and so fast!

@trendo Yeah it surely does.

I totally agree with you @goofyu i believe in crypto market and i guess this is just begining of wonderful year 2018 ....Hope steem comes back atleast to top 20 ..
Keep it up liked reading your article !!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you :)! It will be a great year

to be honest now i feel more awesome while it gets dip i see this as an opportunity to buy more and more :D the field of crypto up and downs are common thing..really we all are felt bad at that movement of market crashed it is ok and market is stabled with a green mark..thank you for sharing info with us...have a nice day...

the coins in the market are really hyped up time to choose the best

Now people know how much potential it hold no one would wanna miss out this time

This market never sleeps it just roars back