New Waves Hit The Crypto World

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Hello everyone! We've been keeping an eye on the crypto world for a while now, and lately, we're seeing a few things that might interest you.

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Firstly, there's hopeful news from Thailand. Their Securities and Exchange Commission has officialized their approval for seven new cryptocurrency exchanges in hopes of facilitating and even normalizing the widespread use of cryptocurrencies. This comes on the heels of several huge developments in the West in recent weeks, such as the monumental cooperation between Bitcoin, Starbucks, and the New York Stock Exchange's parent corporation. With such bold moves sending shockwaves of development on national and even multinational levels, it's ever more clear where the world's economy will go as it evolves to meet the immediate future.

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In other news, a hacker broke into Electronic Arts, commonly known as EA Games to millions of gamers worldwide. Why is this relevant? He was caught, and upon the conclusion of his trial on August 16th, 2018, federal Judge Jacqueline Corley ordered Martin Marsich to pay a bail of $750,000 in Bitcoin or any other crypto coin, which would be awarded to a halfway house. This marks another precedent of cryptocurrencies on the whole being respected by legislature, but in a rather interesting way. Could technological crimes of the future be systematically answered by technological penalties?

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Our final topic of interest is somewhat more foreboding. Cryptocurrency miners are steadily losing popularity due to the unethically massive energy drains involved with the practice. In Norway there exists an exception, Kryptovault, which has built mining platforms reliant on Norway's green and sustainable energy sources. They built their facility in a remote area, but even that level of thoughtfulness failed to assuage everyone.

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They have now received bomb threats from locals who are furious about the noise their facility creates in the otherwise tranquil Norwegian countryside. So, what is a miner to do? It seems that no matter what one does, there's a problem mining crypto. Fortunately, GODcoin doesn't have these pedantic setbacks. Our Proof of Stake system will facilitate minting, not mining, which will be far less demanding. Minting GODcoin will require no massive hardware arrays, but rather it will be just as feasible from small devices like laptops and smartphones. This is the kind of innovation needed for the world economy to be just, sustainable, and thriving after the advents of blockchain and economic disarray.

Anyone who has been around for a while knows that gold and silver have been real top drawer material for longer than any other material on Earth. Since GODcoin is a cryptocurrency, it will be able to survive the global economic collapse not only because it will be safely stored and backed by gold and silver, but because it is the official currency of the returned Christ, Lord RayEl. This official currency will be the ONLY one used in the New Kingdom, so it is guaranteed by Christ.

The time to invest in GODcoin is now, and if you want a slice of security, find out more information below!

This article was authored by Eric Logan, @rasgriz311

There are many advantages to GODcoin especially since it is one of the few coins that will be backed by gold and silver. Not only does GODcoin offer the illuminated path towards a prosperous future, but very soon, it will be the global currency. To learn more, visit the following links:

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View the white paper

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This is a huge step forward. The fact that the justice system acknowledge and penalized someone using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency marks a transition from skepticism into acceptance. The fact that GODcoin has a Proof of Stake system is also very enticing. I love everything about GODcoin.

The wise are turning to Gold and God

Very interesting indeed!

Doesn't take a genius to recognize the signs, go with GODcoin or be broke in the near future!

Wow, a judge actually fined him in crypto!

To have a justice system accept bitcoin is HUGE.

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