GODcoin: An Important Economic Message!

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Yesterday, GODcoin's article explained how war and financial collapse could leave you hanging dry. If you haven't already, be sure to read the article to get a better sense of how serious this is becoming in today's world! Due to history repeating itself, we know that every great civilization has collapsed and whether by war or natural disaster, it is only a matter of time before this one fails. We know that fiat currency is a very delicate placeholder.


GODcoin will be able to offer the stability necessary to weather any type of disaster that wreaks havoc on the Planet, including economic. Since this is the official currency of the returned Christ, Lord RayEl, which will be used in the New Kingdom and will be backed by gold without the added corruption, it is sure to be the best option to invest in your future! The Imperial Regent of Lord RayEl posted the following advice today:

After seeing the posted codes of the past 24 hours, and knowing what the scriptures say is about to happen, obviously the stupidest thing a person could do right now is to remain in America... But for those wise enough to be outside of America, understand that when it collapses, so too does its financial infrastructure... Meaning that it is probably extremely unwise to have anything in American currency, American banks, or American stocks and bonds.

Personally, I would move everything financial to GODcoin or a stable non-American bank and/or currency... Of course, it all won't matter very soon, but at least there can be a little financial safety net to get through this.

It's also pretty obvious that China knows this as well, which is why they just made their giant move to the Petro-Yuan.


The "codes" he is referring to are ones discovered by the CEO of GODcoin and Prime Cleric of the Ecumenical Order of Christ, Richard Ruff. He is a Torah and Bible Code researcher. Here are the following codes:



Take this and heed the advice, it may be one of your last chances to invest wisely. The offer of 40% token bonus will be ending very soon on April 30th, 2018, so be sure not to miss this great opportunity. These codes indicate that the Day of the Lord is coming! Be sure to check out the links below and find out more.

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GODcoin will be the one currency of the world.

I don't always put a great deal of attention to the Code results because I can't usually be confident in their meaning. This one, however, struck me as being very important when it was released. Now I understand why.

This is a very wise message to take to heart!

The day is coming when you Dollar is going to be worthless and will only serve as good TP or kindling to start your fires

I've already left America in obedience to the returned Christ, Lord RayEl!

GODcoin is incredible