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Greetings all!

After the dramatic fall in crypto prices that seems to have taken its toll on Bitcoin and nearly all altcoins, we hope everyone is dealing with the market in a healthy and positive way.

2018 has been a year of unending downwards move and it has been difficult for most of us to cope with. On the bright side, 2018 has also been the year that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are used in major governmental deals and by world-leading corporations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a number of exciting news from around the world signalling 2019 might be a great year for all blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Boeing and SparkCognition to launch AI- and blockchain-powered airspace management software platform:

Earlier this year, Turkey and Russia partnered in the first ever cryptocurrency freight deal taking Russian wheat to Turkey:

Paraguay’s Vice President confirms plans to build world’s largest Bitcoin mining farm:

Finally! ​South Korea is the first country to develop a blockchain voting system:

Please add any other news you think is exciting for the blockchain and crypto communities in the comments section.

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Nice write up. Let's hope that before 2018 closes we see a huge spike up!

Great post! It's still encouraging to see others still posting here on the Steemit given the current market climate!

Head over to our page if you would like and leave us a comment about what you think!



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