Cryptocurrency - 3 BIG things.


2018 is the year to clean out house, creating a safe environment for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

NB: I predicted the third point 18 months ago.

Global Market Conditions:

The US dollar is strengthening in the face of trade wars.

Trump adding import Tariffs to Chinese products has started a trade war that USA will eventually lose.
Short term impacts have been good for USA with strong US Dollar.

Long term impacts have seen Russian and China join forces to gather up all the gold in the world they could get their hands on. First they aim to take over the US petro dollar.

Then they aim to take over as the main stable trade currency.

This is ART OF WAR.

That if you opponent creates CHAOS then you foster STABILITY.

China and Russia are smarter than TRUMP and he will lose.

  1. Google, Twitter and others have all banned ICO ads.

This reeks of corruption and is unprecedented in it’s impacts on Human Rights (Freedom of Speech) and Democracy, of the people, by the people, for the people.

Just as you don’t ban all cars on the road because some teenagers go joy riding, you don’t ban promotion of all Blockchain and Cryptocurrency activity.

Yet we have people in charge of Governance who contravene constitution law, citing that the ends justifies the means.

If you note the VIRTUE SCALE in the picture below, you will see that going too far either way causes harm.

Virtue Continuum.jpg

That said, there are far too many criminals and fraudsters running havoc in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Several of the most famous people are convicted criminals, whose advice has destroyed lives.

Somehow, they positioned themselves as Robin Hood, when what they are really doing is manipulating markets and Robbing the Hood!

  1. The spectre of the SEC is drawing near.

Which leads us to the SEC subpoena of many ICO’s, past and present.

I for one celebrate the regulatory authorities coming down hard.

I am looking forward to notices of jail time for bad players.


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