How to make $20,000 USD worth of ETH in 24 Hours

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

This is a warning about a bogus ETH Giveaway

I was reading through my steemit feed yesterday and I saw a post from @dan that linked to a tweet, then linked to a post on Medium.

I follow the link to twitter, then medium, then read an interesting article about EOSIO development and the successes/decisions the teams have been making.

As I was leaving, I noticed a second comment from Dan below.

At a glance, it looked very intriguing. My first thought was ... why would he give out ETH instead of EOS. The picture was of Dan, but then I noticed, it wasn't Daniel Larimer, it was Daniel Larimier. It also wasn't @bytemaster7, it was bytemasteri7. So it's obviously a phishing campaign.

What the hell, I'll follow the link....


What a pretty webpage. It shows people transferring ETH to the wallet address specified, then it show that wallet sending back 10X as much ETH! At the same time, a status bar decreases, showing you that it's a

Limited Time Only Offer

So ... I thought I'd take a look at the wallet in

Holy Smokes - People are going to be pissed

In the past 24 hours, people have transferred 43.9 ETH to this address!!! At the current price, that's around $20K USD!!

When I went back to the webpage, I refreshed to see if the phisher was smart enough to not let the status bar ever reach zero. Sure enough, after a couple of refreshes, the status bar goes back us again ... but also, another ETH address appeared. I looks in there and there was another 30 ETH that had been transferred in the past 24 hours.


This phisher is obviously taking advantage of the fact that most people trust @dan and, most people are reading on their phones where the font is small enough you might miss some subtle differences in the account.

I am sure that there are many scams out there, but this one impressed me in it's subtlety. I wish there was a way to stop this person, but in the Wild West of Crypto Space, there is no sheriff.

I hope this post prevents at least one person from falling for this trickery

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Happens all the time I'm afraid. Take a look at the NEX ICO twitter feed, full of scammers operating right there on the legitimate site!

Those ETH scammers you mention probably pump a large amount of ETH into those wallets themselves. It's cheap to transfer and it makes it look more legitimate to an outsider who checks.

But yes, a lot of people are learning an expensive lesson. I hate scammers!


Yikes. I don’t have a twitter account so I was unaware.


Nor do I, but you can still see what other people post.

@gikitiki when someone asks anyone to send crypto anywhere, they should ask themselves “have I double checked the address really belongs to the person I think am sending it to?”


I strongly agree!

Thank you very much for your diligence. You surely have helped several of us with this article.


I hope so.

Well,some people will learn hard way,by losing money on scams.Some will inform them self before sending money to someone. Life is hard school. :)

There are loads! I think it's part of the reason the main social medias are stopping ICO/crypto advertising because so many people are getting scammed.

Silly people :0D