Top 8 Cryptocurrency Coins of 2018 that will make you Rich beyond your Wildest Dreams

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2018 is the year of cryptos. No doubt about it. Especially if you've worked really hard and done all the appropriate research. If you've honed your charting skills and you've mastered the art of picking the fastest movers from CoinMarketCap, then you're set to totally rake in the rewards for 2018.

In fact, I've done so much research in 2017, I have figured out the absolute best way to find the top eight winners for 2018. We don't need charts. We don't need mad research. We don't even need luck nor divine intervention. We just need one, very safe, very reliable tool. The Magic Eight Ball!

The Magic Eight Ball

So, without any further ado, let's find out which eight coins I need to buy right now to get superdeduper rich in 2018.

First up, Bitconnect. They tanked hard and had to shut down, so they're super cheap now. Even better, they're about to launch an ICO and get back into business. Alright, eight ball, should I buy bitconnect now?

Outlook Not So Good

Hmmm...I didn't quite expect that. Maybe I'll change the title of this post to just seven coins. Moving on!

Next up, Iconomi Why Iconomi? Well, everyone wants to know what the best coins to pick are and this coin is the coin to pick them. Once you got this one in the bag, you know every other coin to buy thereafter. Yo, eight ball, should I buy ICN now?

Ask Again Later

Oh, snap! I bet it's because the new kid on the block, Cindicator is even better at market predictions. They proved they can not only pick cryptos, but even stocks and commodities. Did you see that impressive public display of gold and silver price predictions back in December 2017? Niiiice. Yup, thiis is a better pick than ICN. Eightball, should I buy Cindicator now?

Cannot Predict Now

Hmmm...AICoin, then?!?!?

Concentrate And Ask Again

Sigh This isn't going quite according to plan. Let's go with the coin with the biggest following community of them all. DOGE. Nobody can resist the great Dogecoin. Mr. Eightball, what say you to DOGE making me rich in 2018?

Don't Count On it

Crap. Either we're doing very, very good at avoiding financial ruin, or something's wrong with cryptos in general. Tell ya what, my faithful readers. Let me put this Magic Eightball in the shop for repairs and we'll try again once I get it checked out.

Meanwhile, let me grab my second in command, the Sarcastic Ball -- I keep this one in the box because it's responses need to be so fresh.

Sarcastic Ball

Sarcastic Ball, I'm impatient to wait on Mr. Eightball to come back from the Shop. Should I just watch a few YouTube videos and go with everybody else's recommendations? You know, just spray a little bit of bitcoin into each and every one of 'em?

You've Got to Be Kidding

Well, folks. I guess I don't have the Top Eight for 2018, after all. I guess I'd better get back to digging through the white papers and charts and keeping tabs on what I already have in my portfolio and just keep growing things nice and steady.

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Very cool post dude. Great read.


Thanks! I had fun writing it.

What! Are you saying I need to research? GimmE MOON COINS NOW!


I think I'm going to have to get a "Moon ball" made special purpose to giving qualified investment answers on cryptos.

Thanks for the laughters!!! That was a great post.