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LRM the Liquid Regenerative Medicine coin is a relatively new project which aims to sensitize and objectify LRM platform for the creation of a unified world DNA blockchain base for an instant search of donors and donor organs created using 3D printing and other emerging technologies. The LRM team believes that this technology will save millions of lives every day around the world and we need to provide a better, robust and smooth platform to raise awareness, funds and integrate the individuals, organizations and volunteers around the world to share knowledge, expertise and resources within the community to uplift the standard of health.

LRM (Liquid Regenerative Medicine) is a relatively new undeveloped concept that is streamlining and growing fast given it's usefulness. LRM is a branch of transitional research in Tissue engineering and molecular biology that deals with the process of engineering, replacing and regenerating human tissues and organs to restore or rehabilitate to normal and healthy human beings.

Use Case Study

The Liquid Regenerative Medicine Coin platform will primarily use blockchain technology to track and trace the footprints of potential organ donors and manufactured organ components to help save lives and to protect the privacy of both the donor and recipient. The utilization of blockchain will help expedite the matching of organ donation and recipient thereby exponentially increasing the success of a transplant. As anyone who has experienced an organ transplant with a family member or friend knows that finding organ donors and tracing the right match is truly an enemy of the process. LRM aims to minimize the gaps between such potential parties.

Given the immutable nature of blockchain technology the LRM platform will keep an entire history of your medical records, ailments, allergies and Doctors/Specialists approached. What's interesting is that it's you who controls this information and not the companies, insurance agencies or any individuals specialists. You are the sole key.

In my opinion, it's a very good feature to have in place. I mean think about it for a minute, you are in a road accident or any other emergency and you are taken to the Hospital. No one knows a thing about you, no records or previous medical records. You will be treated obviously with first-aid until the find out what has happened to you exactly. Now if you have an emergency card in your wallet that holds your blockchain track record such as blood group, allergies, ailments etc. the doctors can access that in a flick of seconds and provide the exact medical assistance you require.

Given the right use and structure provided, IMO the potential is limitless.


The LRM reward structure is a very encouraging one for the new investors as it starts with very low MN rewards and gradually increases as the project matures. So, if you are an early investors you make good money as there's very low supply and you can setup you Masternode for a minimal value. So you can go both ways either short seller or long. With a curve discharge rate inflation and declining profits are avoided due to supply outweighing the demand. Here's the reward structure for LRM:


Although, LRM is a very new project but has manged to get registered on a couple of exchanges, masternode sites and CoinMarketCap list. If you would like to invest, click on any of your favorite exchange links below.

Coin Exchange, Crypto Bridge, Maternode.Online, MN Rank

WEBSITE: http://lrmcoin.com/
CoinMarketCap List: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lrm-coin/
WHITEPAPER: http://lrmcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/LRM_Whitepaper.pdf
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lrmcoin
BITCOINTALK ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5075570
OFFICIAL EXPLORER: http://explorer.lrmcoin.com/
GITHUB: https://github.com/lrmproject/LRMcoin
TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://t.me/lrmcoins
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lrmcoin

:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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This is using Blockchain for the best!

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Wowwww the concept is just amazing the future lo dna science @ghayas

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this is a big help to blockchain user. so cool!

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Only if you think you can win.

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