🔔 Enter THE WORLD OF ETHER | Breed and Collect Monsters to Battle other Etherians and Win Gigantic Rewards!

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The current state of Blockchain gaming technology is growing at a rapid speed. The collaboration of the two holds a great potential for the growth of both industries and delivers on a great promise that Blockchain aims to take on. Gaming is like the energize of budding for Blockchain technology where it pushes the limits further and further, be it in terms of use or salability. Combining it all, supplies novel developments in both industries.

Blockchain Gaming is basically any game that uses blockchain technology in the back-end or mechanics in general. Blockchain Gaming makes blockchain tangible and exciting for consumers. In classic games, any items that you supposedly own in-game are in fact stored on the game publisher servers, as is your whole account. There are many ways for you to lose possession of your assets such as; server malfunction, abandoned game developments, banned accounts etc. In contrast to Classic Games, your items are stored on the blockchain making it permanently yours.

The strength of Blockchain gaming lies in it's rewarding and ownership features. You see what it does is, makes you the sole owner and controller of your player. Gamers spends countless hours to customize every feature of their players and after some time you start to feel like it belongs to you - but it does not. That digital representation of your innermost can be taken away from you in a flick of second. Everything is at the mercy of the controlling server and some external uninvited events. This is where blockchain games are so useful.

✅ Introducing THE WORLD OF ETHER

World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Each monster is stored inside of a contract and referenced by the WOE platform.

Each monster holds one of the four different grades such as common, uncommon, rare and legendary. Legendary monsters are hard to get but as you upgrade with your battling experience the chance of breeding rare monsters increases. As of now, there are about two hundred species of Etherians available to users. But if you are the first one to discover a legendary monster you receive $12,000 as a reward.

Monsters are then divided into further 5 types that represents different gaming characteristics such as flying, fire, mystery, death, fertility, intelligence etc.

🌠 I'm Lovin it, will there be more Monsters?

The number of 200 monster species can go well above the initial benchmark set by the team. The algorithm is designed as such that it makes sure that the team does not flood the marketplace with more monsters. Thus more monsters can come into existence with breeding that may be needed when the games moves on to more advance stages. But be assured that the team has no influence or plans for introducing more monsters thus this features keeps the game totally decentralized.

💰 Earning and Rewards

There are two types of ways to earn Ether on the World of Ether — siring and selling. Game players can sire their male Etherians for ETH or pay to have another player's male sire with their female. Selling or trading your Etherians for higher prices to other users on the marketplace is another way to earn ETH in the game. Supply and demand dynamics are the pure judge of price and value in the game's marketplace.

So far, there's about $18,000 in rewards, and as the game goes on and players reach new levels the team will be announcing even more. Here are some undiscovered rewards:

📜 Get Started

I am sure you are pretty much excited to jump the guns and get your first Etherian. Here's how you can do it.

🚀🚀🚀 Start Breeding, Siring and Battling 🚀🚀🚀

For greater and in-depth game details, visit this official guide. To get in touch with the team visit WOE Twitter or Discord.

:۞:••:۞: Thank you for Reading :۞:••:۞:

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