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I REALLY like EtherDelta and will continue to use it for buying more Veritaseum (#VERI) coins.

It is very good news that another exchange has started to feature Veritaseum. The latest is HitBTC. There is a referral link here to access the site:

Also, here's a couple of VIDEOS to show you how to use the site.

This exchange may be easier and more convenient for you. I like EtherDelta, but some people have commented that it is difficult to use.

Here's the Veritaseum link at EtherDelta:

Also, Mercatox has Veritaseum.

Enjoy. I am buying more and HODLING for the long run.

Visit the Veritaseum website:


im still waiting for veritasium to be on Bittrex!

It has been a while. There were a few submission to be added. I don't know why Bittrex isdragging their feet.

yeah ive been mising out! i wulda bought veristeum a long time ago if it was on bittrex!
LOL i wondered if it was the Youtube channel that released its iown cryptio currency hah

MAN can u believe steem is up 40 percent?!>?!

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