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The cryptodream is still alive, and it will never die...

Some weeks ago, we saw a second big crash in the cryptomarket which was the reason for many panic sells.

I think that espacially newspaper and goverments are the reason for the bad reputation of crypto in the last months. That's why I want to explain you guys what I think about the current situation.

When do news become a problem?

News that inform you about facts are very helpful and you shouldn't miss them. But there is one kind of news that I hate...

News I personally hate:

There are soooo many newspaper which are all doing the same. They check the charts and if the numbers are red they tell you that Bitcoin has crashed and they already use some completely stupid reasons to explain you why it is dead.

And nowadays, they are telling you to buy Bitcoin because the charts are green.

Stop following these stupid newspapers! All they want is attention! All they deserve is a server crash! ^^

News that help you to build your own opinion:


This kind of news gives you an neutral impression of the development of Cryptocurrencies. It shows you the positive and negative aspects and helps you to value the current situation.

Search for chances and problems and then make your own predictions!

This is the only strategy that is able to make you rich in 2018. Otherwise you will fail.

I mean it's easy... If these newspaper would be intelligent enough to handle the cryptomarket, they would stop writing articles and put all of their money in it... But probably they failed at creating their own wallet...




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No matter what the Crypto haters do, it won't shake my belief in its revolutionary powers. I'm holding no matter what, you should too. Crypto is the future

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