Time to buy QTUM and CMT (Amazon and google partners)

in #cryptocurrency5 years ago

Recently, it was announced that these companies have become partners with technology giants. And I sympathize with them, so these two positions appeared in my portfolio. By the way, I again bought a NANO. $ 1.85 each. I also want to add that the mood of the market is changing, and the infrastructure for cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. I think that now is the time to invest in bitcoin and those cryptocurrencies in which you are confident. I have such a bit, here is added to them and this couple of and you decided to give advice. Well, do not forget that now there are too many different pyramids, from participation in which it is better to refuse, so as not to spoil your karma. Good luck to everyone, I have a rest from all this fuss. My favorite hobby photography has woken up and is haunting me.gef.jpg

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