I Drop NANO - now i use only USDT & wait DUMP crypto tommorow

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago

I'm dropping NANO at this stage, I earned 80 cents on every NANO I bought on September 12. I am now taking a conscious risk, I have confidence that the ETF will not be accepted now, and therefore after tomorrow we will see a serious decline. So now my entire Deposit consists of dollars(USDT)! How can I be sure of that? tonight I had a dream about the collapse of the market, - the horror in the fact that I see NEM XEM for 7 cents.

Please understand that I can be wrong in my judgments and if ETFs are accepted tomorrow, there will be a rapid growth. So please don't use my post to make a decision. Make your own decision!


I’ve just received a notification you have followed me, checked your blog and followed you ! I believe we will have a mutual relationship because we have the same kinda hobbies :) Thank-You

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