Greed in crypto.

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Today, many people quite rightly consider the pump group's a Scam.

In principle, all right, many of these groups, for personal profit pre-carefully accumulate tokens, and then honk to a large number of participants promising huge profits. Often there is a principle of the pyramid, many have time to come out with a small profit, and many remain with broken pots.

After that, many people naturally spray the negative with respect to such groups. It is clear and quite adequate behavior of people who lost money. But usually they lose money because of their own greed.

About greed.
Let's say you are a large investor and you know that some crypto currency has a huge potential. You have analyzed a whole mountain of information and assured yourself that it is a diamond that will bring you huge profits. But as a large investor, you can't go in right away without triggering a pump of that coin, so there's usually an unobtrusive purchase going on, without a strong price change. It does not happen that only one person has an acute desire to acquire an asset, because the cryptocurrency market is the HYIP market. Therefore, many investors are either forced to wait their turn, or are forced to compete for the right to buy at a bargain price. If there is a great interest in the asset, then buy orders jump over each other, several times per second, thus the cost increases. And if someone does not want to compete or wait for their turn, they pay the price at which the seller has issued the order. So when there is a pump, many of those who competed, begin to bite his lips and rush to buy too, so God forbid not to miss the benefit. Thus partially solved the problem of who to sell previously purchased. Therefore, with a clear interest in the asset of the pump, many interested investors are forced to buy at an inflated price. So with the right approach, the members of the pump groups remain in the black. But the greedy, those who want to earn more, remain with their greed and tokens. Perhaps in the future they will be able to make money on them, the cryptocurrency market showed incredible growth.

to be continued

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