Thank you! Yes and No. I made myself an Excel sheet which automatically updates the latest prices of the currencies and compares them with the ones I find interesting, which I had to input manually. From now on I plan to save daily prices to automate my comparisons.

Dude that's awesome.. how do the automatic updates work? via some kind of API?

Did you said you a have an Excel file that updates latest prices? I need one. I was in the way of making one, but all tutorials are around google sheets and I'm stuck with processing JSON's natively in Excel. I need to VBA all that work. But if you have one and could give me I would be very greatful. BTW I'm in Suppo group as ncduarte.

I take the prices out of coinmarketcap API, in the moment I take them out of individual coins seperately and am not 100% happy with the performance. However, I have another idea and when I pull that out and become happy with the outcome, I will share. Follow me up and you won't miss it.

@thetop how do you get the prices automatically into excel?