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GBU Recommends Trading Course

At GBU, we provide top-notch Gunbot-specific education. We also offer some non-Gunbot content that delves into generic trading, cryptocurrency, and other related topics. There's even hours and hours of Technical Analysis (TA) teaching. However, we know that some people want more than what we offer directly, so we partner with high quality content providers to help fill in the gaps. starts a Three Week Intensive starting on Saturday, January 12th - this isn't just a starter course, or something intended to try and get you to buy something bigger -- this is a full course that covers much of what a crypto trader should have.

I've been following Doug for months on his YouTube channel, his discord group and I've gotten to know him and his trading style quite well. There's no Gunbot or botting information in this course, and that's the point -- this trading course is about knowing much more under the hood.

Take a look at the course syllabus, all the bonuses you get, and if that wasn't enough, you can get 20% discount if you use code GBU at checkout.

cyrptocurrency trading course. Use discount code GBU

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