Should I or shouldn't I

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

Now here is my dilemma do I invest in bitcoin or not so many adverts saying buy and showing people making some serious money and then I here oh its volatile keep away.
So this post is directed at people in the know I am not a financial wizard and don't understand markets etc. But I am interested in making some money.
So if any you guys have some sound advice I am seriously interested in listen to your comments.


No don't buy Bitcoin. Buy Litecoin and transfer it since it has the lowest fees and use that to buy alt coins. You will make more money that way and you can diversify your portfolio. For example buy $200 worth of litecoin use that to buy some Ripple or tron. Tron at is peak is 5x of what it is now bitcoins is only 2x. Use binance for alt coins they're known for picking quality over quantity. I hope this helped

thank you for a very quick response never heard of this will have a look now. I am in the uk so hopefully its good for me.

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looks like a good site is it easy to use