GameCredits and MobileGo Development Rundown


To help with transparency we just released our first 'Development Rundown'. In the rundown we cover all of the projects GameCredits and MobileGo are currently working on. For your sake I'll bullet here what it covers.

You can read that full update here or get an overview below :

Web Wallet: Releasing new version of web wallet, new games in web wallet, and integrating 2 of the largest payment providers in India PayU and PayTM.

GStore: Working on partnership with big gaming industry company so we are kicking our store development into a higher gear. Working on New UI/UX. Also just uploaded and integrated payments in Real Cricket 17. Large game in India, tens of millions of downloads, over 1.5 million active daily users.

Desports: Announcing our Decentralized Esports application. This a web based app allowing users to watch livestreams and bet on the outcomes of ongoing esports games using MobileGo. This is different than our mobile wagering app, and we expect to release sooner. Screenshots in rundown.

Esports app: Provide updates on where we are with development, what features are under development and testing, etc.

GameCredits Desktop Client: Announce the GameCredits desktop client which allows users to store, send, buy games, and mine gamecredits from their desktop. The application uses the same credentials as our web wallet.

Block Explorer: Just released blockexplorer from Beta after fixing a couple notable bugs.

GExchange: Explain where we are in development of this app.

Marketing: Recognize our need for marketing and explain a couple things we are doing to improve.

Blockswap: Explain cause for delay and that we are still developing a solution.


Im following everyone that commented here

Ok and I follow you and Gamecredits. Have to take a closer look at this project.

I definitely will-Thanks Im looking forward to reading your future articles related to this topic

Ok, I try. Quite busy.

:)))))))))))))))))) reading it right now

thats the attitude !!!!

check out some of my articles on WALTON(WTC)- it is about to takeoff!!!!!!!

I am happy to see an ICO actually working on the very things they promised. Long live MGO/GAME!

isn't it nice when an ICO actually f***** works :)

I really want to like gamecredits, the esports app might just be the straw that pulls me in.

There's a lot going on in the ecosystem. Feel free to shoot us any questions or concerns you have about GAME. And I hope you like the application!

Ouuuuuuu I think you're right-that would pull me in

GAME will moon to 1bil marketcap once everything mentioned above is delivered.
Such a great project with talanted team!

GAME & MGO investor in for the long haul. Only thing is you will get blockfolio addiction from such high quality coins!

Great post. Holding GAME and MGO

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Good project good team....huge potential!!