Whale in action - Someone bought last month 133,000 BTC • Bitmex CEO - Bitcoin bear market will last until 2020 • Coincheck Exchange in trouble • Ethereum Serenity upgrade can increase scalability up to 1000 times

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Bitcoin's current price seems to be interesting for some investors. According to bitinfocharts.com, which monitors data on different cryptocurrency, several purchases worth more than 10,000 BTC have been made. Although it is not possible to determine from the table below whether the addresses belong to one person or more, the total amount (133,000 BTC) is really enormous. It is almost 855 million US dollars.

Despite the strong purchase of an individual or group, Bitcoin's price has been around $ 6400 per 1 BTC since early September. It is therefore a strong assumption that investors entering cryptomenias buy them out of classical exchanges - OTC markets (Over-the-country).

It is a type of market where trading is not under the aegis of an official institution that would supervise the market and thus assume responsibility for arranging agreed deals. OTC are over-the-counter markets where traders negotiate on contract terms directly between themselves. Contract terms are usually not standardized.
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Bitcox - bear market will last until 2020

Arthur Hayes, BitMEX's crypto general manager, says the bear market in the cryptocurrency market could take another 18 months, up until spring 2020. However, in the long run, it remains positive and believes Bitcoin certainly overcomes all of its time -time-high. This, according to his words, should be helped both by the foundations and the unification of the question of regulation by individual governments and states.
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Coincheck Exchange in Problems

Ninety months ago, the Crypto Coincheck Exchange recorded a massive hacker attack on its platform. Those of them in January of this year stole more than $ 500 million in crypto NEM (XEM). Regarding the fact that the stock exchange failed to compensate for the losses of all investors affected by the attack, it entered into an agreement with Monex to ensure that it had sufficient funds to pay off damaged investors.

Subsequently, however, the stock was licensed and the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) did not return it, it would not be able to accept new clients and offer them their services. The FSA further stressed that it intends to introduce stricter regulatory frameworks for security systems and internal management controls that use business platforms of this type.
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Ethereum Serenity upgrade can increase scalability up to 1000-fold

Co-founder Etherea, Vitalik Buterin, during his speech at the Devcon4 conference, said the latest upgrade, Serenity, would push the network on all fronts. In particular, he has made progress on the scalability of this network, which could increase up to 1000-fold. Deploying Serenity should finally come to a long-held transition to the Proof of Stake algorithm. The overall network upgrade should be divided into four phases.
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