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Hello everybody, am here with an exciting blog on ABACASXCHANGE. The Abacas is a company which provides exchanges for every person globally as far as you are NON-US. It brings simplicity, low fees, reliable team, trust, transparency and liquidity. Abacas was founded on 20th March 2015. You can trade any assets anytime and anywhere with the Abacas assets exchange through blockchain integration.
• The AbacasXchange provides APIs (Application Programme Interfaces) whereby micro-transactions of gateway assets may be exchanged for other less liquid crypto-currencies of a blockchain service provider.
• The AbacasXchange provides for the trading of all assets including asset tokens created using Standards such as the ERC20 & NEM Mosaics. Beyond trading digital tokens, the AbacasXchange provides for assets that are “Fulfilled by Abacas”
• The AbacasXchange provides a matched order book for the placement of market and limit orders across all assets on the exchange.
The great team of the company is comprise of

  1. Mark VanRoon
    Mark is the founder of Abacas and a serial inventor and product developer with over 20 years’ experience in banking and digital banking. He founded Midpoint and have a Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Honours (Financial Economics) Field Of Study Economics at the University of Guelph. You can find more details here

  2. Vince Small
    Vince is also the Founder, Principal & Head of Technology and developed the financial services application Spectrum, which is a front to back platform used by wholesale banks, brokers and Wealth Management banks. Vince studied at The Ohio State University his Bachelor’s Degree Field of Study Electrical and Computer Engineering. More about Vince here

  3. Stoyan Vlahovski
    Stoyan Vlahovski is the Community Manager at AbacasXchange and specializes in Social Media marketing, with a focus on Facebook Ads. He is experienced in Blogging, WordPress, Email and Affiliate Marketing and can find more information about Stoyan here
    Also, here are information about the Abacas Advisors board

  4. Dan Raykhman
    Dan is the CEO at Fungible Networkand also a FinTech veteran, entrepreneur, inventor, and mentor.

  5. David Wong
    David Wong is the CEO @ Midpoint, Director @ Expadis Capitaland a London-based entrepreneur and investor in disruptive technologies.

  6. Raghunathan Muralidharan (Murali)
    Raghunathan is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tri-Star Group.

  7. Jean-Baptiste Cebe
    Jean-Baptiste Cebe is the Chief Technical Officer CTO of Seekers Capital Group, an asset management company.

  8. Dr. Dylan Attwell-Duval
    Dr. Dylan Attwell-Duval is a number theorist with a PhD in Mathematics from McGill University.

  9. Mohan Gandhi
    Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti is leading White hat hacker and Cyber security expert in Crypto currency space.

    Abacas is launched on the ethereum blockchain and it is an ERC-20 token. It has a total circulation of 100million ABCS and sold at the rate of 0.84 – 1.4 USD ICO. Below is the breakdown of the token distribution.
    55% (55million) of the pledges are assigned for the initial sale. With 54.5% of the token for the fundraiser (5million reserve funds 9.1%). 18.2% to the Community Partnerships, Grants. 18.2% to the Foundation. 9.1% to the Team: Founders/Investors.
    More break down on the distribution
    The Exchange Use of Proceeds
    The Abacas Exchange Development 35%
    Legal and General Expenses 10%
    Operational Expenses incl. BusDev & Marketing 20%
    Exchange Total 65%

The Community & Foundation Use of Proceeds
Funding Abacas Community Development Budget 10%
Funding Liquidity Reserve 15%
Seeding External Investment Vehicles 10%
Community Total 35%

The Abacas pre-sale started from 01.05.2018 and ended 14.06.2018 while the public sale started on 15.06.2018 and will end 15.07.2018 but will be extended due to high interest from private investors, as they need time to do their due diligence. So you still have enough time to be part of this great project.
The Abacas Token Ticker is ABCS and the Total ABCS is 100 Million. 55 Million Assigned for fund raising with a total of 30 Million assigned for Public Offering. Abacas is an ERC20 token.
5 Million Token allocated for all the pre-sale stages and 25 million token allocated for all the public token sale stages. The Level 1 bonuses for the pre-sale and public sale are 40% Bonus for the pre-sale and 20% Bonus in the public sale. 1 ABCS is sold at 0.84 USD for private sale and 1.12 USD for public sale and the min contribution in ETH is 185eth in the pre-sale and 1 – 35 eth in the public sale. Maximum ABCS assigned for this level is 595,238 ABCS in the pre-sale and the Maximum fund to raise is $500,000 while 13,393 ABCS token for the public sale and the max fund to raise is $15,000.
Level 2 bonuses for the pre-sale and public sale are 30% Bonus for the pre-sale and 10% Bonus in the public sale for. 1 ABCS is sold at 0.98 USD for private sale and 1.26 USD for public sale and the min contribution in ETH is 35 - 185eth in the pre-sale and 1 – 35 eth in the public sale. Maximum ABCS assigned for this level is 76,531 ABCS in the pre-sale and the Maximum fund to raise is $75,000 while 11,905 ABCS token for the public sale and the max fund to raise is $15,000.
Level 3 which is the final level has no bonus for this stage and no pre-sale. 1 ABCS is sold at 1.40 USD for public sale and 1 – 35 eth in the public sale. Maximum token assigned for this level is 10,714 ABCS token for the public sale and the max fund to raise is $15,000.
The soft cap for the Abacas project is $2,805,000 while the hard cap is $32,187,500

Development Milestones
Mar 2014 Initial Discussions & Research
Mar 2015 Concept document
Jun 2015 Prototype data model
Sep 2015 Prototype rate service & order manager
Dec 2015 Prototype pos mgmt & web data
Mar 2015 First AbacasXchange prototype
Mar 2015 Gateway Assets Liquidity Engine
Sep 2016 Integration with Tendermint DLT PoC
Sep 2016 Simulated value transfer
Mar 2017 Enhanced custody model
Jun 2017 Finalized prototype
Next Steps
Jun 2017 Initiated build of the AbacasXchange
Oct 2017 Redeveloped UI to Angular 4/Typescript 2
Dec 2017 Migrate services to Azure micro-services
Jan 2018 Connect to core blockchain
Feb 2018 Connect to blockchain AML/KYC
Mar 2018 Connect exchange to custodian(s)
Jun 2018 Abacas Exchange Alpha #1
Jul 2018 Abacas Mobile UI / Alpha #2
Aug 2018 Abacas Exchange Beta #1
Sep 2018 Abacas Exchange Beta #2
Oct 2018 Release Candidate #1
Nov 2018 Release Candidate #2
Dec 2018 Final Release
Jan 19 Abacas Exchange Go Live

Whitepaper link:

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