9 Great Crypto Products (For The Average Person)

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The crypto industry is thriving! When I first started learning about crypto in early 2017 there was hardly any services that were truly useful to the average person. Not anymore. Blockchain and cryptocurrency has continued a steady march toward real life uses for the average person. The fundamental and technological growth is leading the way into a bright new future for consumers like you and me. The following is a list of my 9 favorite Crypto services that can be used right now, by people like you and me.

  1. Ivan On Tech Academy - Would you like to actually be a part of helping build the blockchain / cryptocurrency industry? I didn't know the first thing about coding, developing blockchains, or being a part of the cryptocurrency revolution. Ivan On Tech is my favorite Youtube cryptocurrency channel and about a year ago I decided to purchase Ivan's academy. He takes you from not knowing anything all the way to developing blockchains on Ethereum, EOS and a ton of other great courses. I have no intentions of personally developing a blockchain at this time, however I have found the training to be very helpful in making educated decisions about the details of different projects. Its worth the investment just to be educated about the most exciting technological shift of our time! To learn more about Ivan On Tech Academy click https://academy.ivanontech.com/a/17936/q4QcfbAf.

  2. Blockfi - Most of my financial goals revolve around developing passive income. Blockfi is a decentralized financial company that pays interest on your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC and GUSD (Currently interest is between 4%-8.6%). The interest you will receive is currently higher than the interest traditional banks are paying on any of their products. Interest is also paid in whatever cryptocurrency you have deposited with the company and compounds monthly. Finally, you are allowed to borrow against the crypto funds that you have deposited in exchange for USD without it causing a taxable event. This is a great service if you are looking to generate income using cryptocurrency. Why not let your crypto grow and generate more while you are waiting for prices to climb? Read this article for a more detailed description or go directly to their website by clicking https://bit.ly/2PGkwHf .

  3. Nexo - This is similar to Blockfi in that it pays you interest in exchange for holding your crypto. You can earn up to 8% interest on stable coins such as USDC, USDT, TUSD, SAI, or PAX. Also, the company pays up to 30% dividends if you buy and hold their Nexo token. This is a great way to diversify your portfolio by not having 100% exposure in Blockfi (or other Defi interest paying services). One downside is that Nexo although they have plans to pay you interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc they currently do not. However, you can still take loans against your cryptocurrency and stable coins with no taxable event. One additional benefit is that Nexo pays interest that compounds daily. https://Nexo.io

  4. Enjin / Enjin Wallet - Who doesn't like games? What if could make money gaming or create in-game items that have monetary value? Enjin is creating a blockchain gaming universe (known as the multiverse) which is built on the Ethereum network. Because all of these games are connected through the blockchain, in-game items, characters, etc can be assigned monetary value and transferred from game to game. I have played a few of these games and although they are pretty basic, they are fun. I expect plenty of advancement as time goes on. In addition, Enjin has invented a "mint shop" so game players and game developers can create game tokens with financial value attached to them. Also, Enjin has created a cool new wallet that allows you to scan a QR code to acquire game assets, sell assets, hold assets and much more. Its very cool and easy to use. Enjin recently partnered with Samsung and their Enjin wallet is built directly into Samsung 10 phones. I see all of this as a great way for the average user to become involved with crypto and for crypto to become mass adopted. For more detailed info about this project read: "What Is Enjin Coin: Winning The Blockchain Game"

  5. Token Tax - Beginners and experts in cryptocurrency both need a tool like this! Everytime cryptocurrency changes hands from exchange to exchange, from Crypto A to Crypto B, or to make a purchase it becomes a taxable event. Token Tax tracks all of your purchases and wraps all the tax information into a nice little bow at the end of the year. No one likes taxes, but I believe its important to protect yourself especially since you know that governments are going to be more involved with getting your money as time goes on. Better to be safe then sorry. To get more information about Token Tax click https://tokentax.co/?via=G4G .

  6. Publish0x - Imagine getting paid to read an article that is interesting to you. That is exactly what Publish0x does for you. In addition, if you are a blogger you can receive "Tips" for your hard work without the money coming out of your readers pocket! Plus both the reader and the author get paid in cryptocurrency! Publisher0x receives "donations" from cryptocurrency projects that want more visibility for their projects. These donations then get distributed to the readers and authors according to how much the reader chooses to tip. Its a great win/win/win for everyone involved and it is easy to use. The Publish0x is built on the ethereum network and currently pays BAT tokens, Hydro Tokens, and DAI Stablecoins. Click https://www.publish0x.com?a=GRb42W0eBL for more information.

  7. Brave - From a service perspective, I love how simple it is to simply download and use the browser. It makes your search queries fast, and also blocks unwanted ads that we just can't seem to avoid with other browsers. In addition, the vision of compensating users for voluntarily giving their attention to ads that we choose to view is a complete upgrade to the traditional ad spamming that we all hate. In over a year of using Brave, I have earned over 115 BAT tokens just from viewing ads that I am interested in. Overall, the company has consistently grown its user base and service offers. Brave is one is of the blockchain project that I feel has great long term growth potential and I have chosen to personally invest additional money into their company. If you are interested in learning more about Brave click https://brave.com/ggc920.

  8. Coinbase - This is no stranger to those of you who have been around cryptocurrency for a while, but if you are a beginner this is a great place to start. This company is a great "on ramp" to cryptocurrency. It is easy to set up an account and begin purchasing cryptocurrency from a well respected company. In addition they have begun paying interest on USDC and staking opportunities with Tezos. I continue to use coinbase for most of my fiat to crypto exchanges. Learn more about the Coinbase by clicking https://coinbase-consumer.sjv.io/G4GCryptoTraining .

  9. Binance - Binance has become much more than just an altcoin exchange. With the invention of staking, crypto lending, and decentralized finance comes opportunity. Binance has several new ways for users to take advantage of all these opportunites and create passive income. I have used Binance since I began using crypto a couple years ago and have appreciated their service. For more information about Binance you can click http://bit.ly/2BaebZV.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology is quietly and consistently growing regardless of what is happening with their market prices. Cool new services for consumers and average people are making their way into the market. I hope this list helps you get more involved and better positioned for the future!


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