Big Investors will enter the Cryptomarket soon !!

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Move on . It´s a chapter in your life. Don´t close the book, just turn the page for a new chapter. 

Hedge - and Investmentsfunds

As traditional banks don’t (yet!) offer such cryptocurrency products (even though they’re in growing demand), industry insiders leave the finance industry and start cryptocurrency enterprises by themselves.

Take Crypto Fund AG, which is formed by finance experts and is only one of the many crypto funds being launched in the second half of 2017. Crypto Fund AG alone will start with some US$100 million buying capacity in the first year and hopes to manage crypto assets worth US$1 billion within three years. 

This the next big step we will see in the market, that many hedgefunds and investmentfunds come out of earth to open the door for huge qualified investor to get a safe entry. 

You want to know how this will effect the market? Well it is easy we are just at the beginning to enter the mainstream and with all these Funds comes a lot of new money in the market.  

Yet the process is started and unstoppable.

As the current exchanges don’t yet offer the liquidity for big money to enter the market it`s time for the next big step in the upcoming months.

Wake up and be prepared ;)

Best regards

Future Investment.


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