When Will UberEats Accept Cryptocurrency? UberCoin? | Arnold Classic with Furious Pete


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Love food. <3

youtube is dead

Yes you're right. 01.02.2018. Youtube changed terms of used and now ,,Prank Videos" are referred to as causing trauma and have smallest range.

Omg ...is this true ? Prank videos are now shunned ? Haha wild

No it's not. Just dying :)

Ubercoin would be HUGE! Along with Facebook, Amazon, etc,,

Not everything in this world needs to have a token for itself!

Love food

Yes , Ubercoin is good idea ... From ICO they could get a lot of money and consumer could have coin that gurantee them rides ... ofcourse it should be something like limited amnount (deflation mood) etc ..

Wow ..never knew this. Is there an alternative or only taxis ?


I find it quite ironic considering uber is a German word.

Ok... But where can I order a keto pizza?

youtube is realy dead.
uber is good

Haha. That would be funny! The more your ride, the more you earn since your ride mines the blockchain for each ride. Lol. I love the blockchain.

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i m hungry .. )

Sooo Great video

my favorite food ...
thank you for sharing

Food makes me hungry =D

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YouTube censored freedom of speech and because of that it will die as everything before doing the same thing in history

I really don't think we need another currency for that. There is no special tech you could add to a coin like that to make it special. Why not just pay with any other currency?

You're in Columbus rn? We gonna get a Roman Atwood DTube collab? @furiouspete123

Would be cool af.

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Yeah. I won't use Uber, ever since the Saudi's invested $3.5 billion into Uber.
I'm not gonna help those butchers slaughter more innocent civilians in Yemen.

@furiouspete123 You are in the zone my sir. Uber needs to have a sit down with you and pay you for it... The quality of your camera is amazing..

i like it your post, upvote u
i can resteemed @furiouspete

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