Telling people what they want to hear

in cryptocurrency •  last year

You've probably heard it a million times. "Xxxcoin to the moon". "I'll buy my third lambo with xxxcoin". Exceptional claims are rampant in the blockchain industry.

It's everywhere. And bagholders are duped into the falsehood that they are "steemians", etc. just because they hold steem or any other digital asset. Are people really that stupid? The fucking shitcoin xxx is a looser, why do I have to be associated with the same looser bagholders?

sheep mentality 🐑

Why fall for it? Are you really not able to consume the basics of a project and independently make up your own mind?

–Get out!

I mean it. Sheep mentality makes you vulnerable for the wolves among us.

my coin is bigger than yours

When I was a kid we had pee competitions. Who pees further than the other? Fun. Peeing from a bridge especially.

I find the same mentality in almost every crypto community I dive into. It's pathetic! Grown men (and women) engaging in childish play.

And the worst part: it's the way it's supposed to be according to the company shills. If you don't engage in this you are spreading FUD. And that's a no-no, mind you. You'll be banned for less.

leaking exclusively to the tribe

Another phenomena I see quite often is glimpses of news that might (or might not) come to fruition. Since I have a long memory, I often find the small trickles of information peculiar. In the stock market such information would be considered insider knowledge. And thus illegal to act upon.

I think the sooner you realize that the social aspect of crypto investing is a sales tactic, the sooner you will realize the pitfalls. Don't trust anybody. And the biggest liar might be the one posing as admin.

Take notes. Make your own due diligence. Assess the situation from what you are able to verify yourself.

It is after all your money. Don't be naive and take xxxcoin for granted. It might be an empty shell posing as legit. Keep in mind that 5 years from now xxxcoin is forgotten and the scammer has moved to yyycoin.

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Dope post bro. Keep it coming.

when i was new in trading.. i would think people are so nice.. they are giving free advice which currency to buy and when to sell.. i would believe them and buy.. later understand i was scammed.. and it happened many times.. if i win 2 times, i lose 8times.. then decided i would listen only me and none others..

but it has such a cool name bro ;)

I wanna get some yyycoin where can I buy : ) ... your post is so true!

That's a fair warning. For some reason people are much more receptive to positivity, so this type of sales tactics does work.