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Blockchain technologies and popularization of cryptocurrencies as a universal decentralized payment method are rapidly develop. According to forecasts of the majority of analysts of this market the next few years they will be able to noticeably squeeze out the usual systems and methods of payment. The versatility of cryptocurrencies allows them to be implemented in a wide variety of online projects, gaming applications and in general, wherever there is a need for safe and quick acceptance and transfer of payments: from cellular services to large-scale online games with millions of players around the world.
FUN COIN allows to easily solve such problems giving users the ideal paying tool for multiple services. The main goal of FUN COIN is to create a bridge between the ecosystems of cryptocurrencies, social, gaming and entertainment services. In addition, the participation of projects in the FUN COIN ecosystem gives many advantages over its analogues.
Experienced users will appreciate the advantages of FUN COIN enabling them to earn commissions from each transaction in the ecosystem, thereby obtaining permanent discounts from available savings, as well as attracting people through referral links. The currency has already entered the stock exchange, which means it will become a source of additional revenue as the price of FUN COIN is constantly growing and the token is freely convertible into other cryptocurrencies. The FUNCOIN cryptocurrency was created on BitShares blockchain, the fastest, most reliable blockchain, which does not need to wait for the transaction confirmation by hours, which is so important when you entering cryptocurrency in many entertainment projects.
To make sure that becoming a member of the exchange is not more difficult than answering a phone call, we provide some useful links by which you can register or make a payment.
You can monitor the coin's capitalization here:

By the way, you can get a few FUNCOIN coins for free!
For today the FUNCOIN is a proprietary internal settlement coin for the GENESIS BLOCK – the biggest Russian blockchain and cryptocommunity will make a meeting in Kazan, June 30.

Here, by the way the link to the registration for the blockade-Mitap in Kazan:

So, here are the actions for which you can get funcoins:

  1. Register with the OpenLedger DEX exchange link -
    Then send your login at

  2. Join the Telegram chat of the OpenLedger -

  3. Joun the Telegram chat of the blockchain community Genesis Block -

For this action you’ll receive 5 FUNCOINS!
Soon we will realize such contests on a regular basis. You will commit some actions useful to the ecosystem and get funcoins! It can be posts, likes, reposts, invitations, connection of game and entertainment projects.

And if you add regular prizes in other cryptocoins among holders of FUNCOIN, the advantages of owning this cryptocurrency are significantly increased. User no longer needs to think which tool is suitable for his tasks. All the necessary will already be at his fingertips, or rather - in his hands, in one universal wallet.
And what about the most of ordinary Internet users, which just start to get acquainted with the cryptoworld?! Anyone who constantly uses social networks and numerous entertainment resources, actively enjoys their capabilities and just like to communicate and receive pleasant bonuses, will also appreciate FUN COIN. Thanks to the versatility of the system and easy integration into online services, this coin can become an analogue of the usual "likes". FUN COIN can become not just a promotion, but a real opportunity to make money on your content. Exposing "like" in the form of coins, the user will receive much more than just the satisfaction from the taken picture or an interesting story. He will receive a real cryptomoney, which he can dispose of at his own discretion.
With the aim of promoting both the FUN COIN payment tool itself and attracting developers, it is possible to organize centralized sponsorship tournaments in the ecosystem with the possibility of rewarding players both directly with the currency and with additional bonuses raising the ratings and influencing their activity. At the same time, the main goal of cross-platform promotion of directly cryptomoney through the project participants and third-party games will be achieved.
FUN COIN is not just another cryptocurrency. The creation and implementation of this token is an unquestionable step forward for resources and users wishing to have a simple, multifunctional and secure payment system. Everyone will find in it what is right for him, and we will help and organize an acquaintance with FUN COIN at the highest level.
Recently, the coin was presented at the largest Russian Exhibition Russian Gaming Week in Sokolniki. FUNCOIN has generated great interest among the community of game developers, lotteries, casinos, virtual and augmented reality. Photo gallery from the event can be found here -

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