How I have learned not to care about the $40,000 in FIAT in lost in Crypto over the last 3 months

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Well a lot of people talk about what they could have bought with their profits and how much they could have made, but if they were not as stupid as I was, chances are they did still walk away with the majority of their initial capital and in some cases, the majority of mine as well. Seeing that I bought everything at its highest point ETN @ .18 TRX @ .22 BCC @ $350.00 GBX @ $60.00 XVG @ .24 and so on, chances are I will never come close to breaking even. Sadly the $40,000 portfolio I once had, can now be reproduced for around $7000.

Though a part of me wants to find the $7000 and double down, after selling everything I owned -my car, my ATV, my electronics, my money to survive till next work season, along with maxing out everyone of my credit cards, I cant help but think how stupid I was. For about 2 weeks in December I spent every waking moment of my life selling things, and finding money to dump into something that just ended up be a never ending black hole. $5000 here $3000 there ... everyday I was spending more and more money on crypto, addicted like some drug addict on skid row.

Before this point I never use to invest my money - past the point of buying a house . I always knew that my luck was terrible and that I would have more fun enjoying my money through buying toys, than I would ever get from throwing it into a financial market. Sadly, in the last few weeks we have all seen that no one was excluded from this crash, it has affected crypto along with commodities and securities alike. So in retrospect, I would have been screwed nonetheless.

With this being said, I have fallen back on the crutch of self medicating to get me through this. Rarely making more than a few dollar more than minimum wage along with having a debilitating disability, the chances are I will never see that type of money again. For a while I contemplated suicide. There is nothing worse then having legions of people in the back ground saying I told you so... I told you it was a scam..... how can you be so stupid ? Exacerbating the pain that I feel every day from this. It almost seems like these people are celebrating my downfall, instead of helping me through it.

Though as I embark on my new journey - I am the process of renting out my entire house and plan to start living in my suv in the next few weeks, I cant help but think that it is only a matter of time before the voices in my head get the best of me. For all the crypto millionaires and autistic savants that played this market like a symphony, congratulations to you. For all the people on the bottom of the pyramid who were blinded by the myriad of videos pertaining to crypto on youtube and dtube, memorized by their offerings of large returns and financial freedom, I join you in your pain.

So in summation, how have I learned to cope through this process you may ask .... that is if anyone even reads this ? For one, I have learned to stop dreaming. Most of the things I want in this life are simply unattainable and in a round-about way, I have found comfort in this. Conversely, I have also decided to become a minimalist. In preparation into moving into a vehicle, I have thrown away or given away the majority of my possessions, truck load after truck load has made its way into local neighborhood dumpsters. Now the entirety of my life can almost fit snugly into the back of a mid size suv. Pretty good seeing I use to have a 4 bedroom house to my self. Lastly, I have stopped caring about money. It seems that someone out there really wants me to be poor for life. So rather than fight the powers that be, I have submitted to them. Welcome home.

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Good luck mate!
I can see the value in being a minimalist. It's a less stressful life (it seems).
I wish I had more money a few weeks ago when there was blood on the streets to buy more cryptos.
Did you hodl your coins in the downfall?
Because I think altcoins will regain their value, maybe even grow some more. Not so sure about BTC ever going back up to $ 19,000. I think BTC will stick around $ 7,000 to $ 11,000.


Haven't sold anything, I planned to go down with the ship lol, Me too. So many good deals. But I am so paranoid now, every time I see the market go up, I just assume it is just another bull trap. The last purchase was $2000 in TRX I really thought it hit the bottom at .10 lol I guess not.


That's understandable. I would be paranoid as well.
Just hang in there, bro. I think there is more optimism in the market will steadily rising.
For libertarians that are seeing the harsh opposition from The Establishment, I think the reaction will be, how do we transition even faster to full fiat independence?

Get on twitter and start following the shit poster traders. A lot of them know their shit but they are a little rough around edges. And follow @lordoftruth on here. He is deadly accurate. Can turn your crypto balance around. (If you still have some)


haven't sold anything and I continue to mine around $600 CAD worth of coins a month with my rig. I will check these people out. I plan to invest in smaller amounts moving forward. However, It will be in a much more moderate approach moving forward than in the past. Thank you for your support sir.


Jeeze.. that must be quite the rig... my was good for about 7$ a day at the peak in 2014... now it is useless... lol!!!


lol not really, its only 5 gtx 1080 tis . In December that amount was double. But the earnings have dropped down daily ever since

Hookers, Heroin, and Hope.


lol, just weed for me.

Don't sell dude, it's gonna come back up in summer. Look at the numbers, there always was a crash in the beginning of the year and then it came stronger than ever during summer. Right now if i was your, i would HODL and wouldn't check crypto for a couple of months. Don't lose hope yet Buddy! Like i said if you don't sell you won't lose.

P.S i been following you for a year and reading your posts, you always buy green. Don't ever ever buy green. You buy red and then sell green.

Hey there. I too took a little hit on bitconnect and electroneum but was just dipping a toe in both. I'm sorry it sounds like, having read a few of your posts, that you have taken many hits and have been forced to contemplate some rough options.

Out of interest what is the story behind your FML username? I'm no new age universe aura guy but I do think positive thinking and affirmations keep you open to the good things in life. Did the username come before the crypto crashtastrophe or after?

I'm hopeful for you that you have turned your thoughts around some, you mention stopping dreaming but then have more recently posted a picture of a new toy you hope to buy. I hope you manage it.

As to suicide... I've never contemplated it myself but I have seen one occur by somebody I didn't know and your post has made me contemplate writing about that. Nobody is in their right mind when they make the decision to take their own life and they most never consider the effect it will have on those that love them and in my case somebody who just happened to be around.

Anyway, a mantra I live by is that it is very hard to feel down when you are looking up! Hold on to that crypto, I am, and keep a cool head. I hope it all works out for you. (and I'm just some random living in Australia who happened by your username :) )



1)I was born with a genetic disease neurofibromatosis, which is normally hereditary, but somehow I contracted it as a result of a genetic anomaly - which maybe occurs in 1 and 20k births. As a result I am treated like a freak and have never got to experience love and or having real friends. I have always been a social outcast, because everyone is weirded out by the way I look.

  1. I was sexually abused for years as a child by a family member. Because of my condition, I have never had a normal sexual experience, so the only thing I can think of is those terrible experience.

  2. I spent 6 years in school trying to become an accountant - I graduated the top of my class with a bachelor degree. But no accounting firms will hire me because of the way I look and my social anxiety.

  3. I spent the majority of my life living in poverty -for instance having no power, water or electricity in the dead of winter for weeks at a time and this is Canada, it gets down to minus 50 where I live. We struggled because my dad was trying to build a business, finally after 30 years of struggling, we finally where doing well then everything was stolen by our solicitor - who managed out family trust. Its been 3 years and we are still fighting it. My dad has lost his mind and are family is destroyed as a result

  4. I invested all of my life savings in December 2017 into crypto $40,000 because I was desperate and didn't know what to do after the lawyer created all this havoc. I was facing homelessness and didn't know what I was going to do. That $40k in now worth maybe 2 or 3k and I am now living in my car.

Fuck my life. This luck isn't human. The second I find the courage to kill myself I am doing it.I just prey that it is sooner rather than later


In the face of the woe that has befallen your life any words I have to say seem hollow. The only point I can identify with is financial hardship as I have been bankrupt and lost everything many years ago. At the time it seemed like there was no point to anything, with failure at every turn, but that is depression and it is an ugly beast not easily sated.

Graduating top of your class in accounting is no small feat. You should be proud to have done that and not be considering throwing that effort away via suicide. Suicide is a wholly selfish act and no words by me will change your mind, that is on you. The fact you write about it gives me hope that you are looking for alternatives... keep looking! As any life, shit or otherwise, even one struck by the horror yours has been, is an amazing gift so don't throw it away! Don't make another stupid decision as you sound like you are smarter than that.