I was interviewed by Nanu Berks at the first "Exist Festival" crypto-arts festival in Austin - here's video.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Crypto-artist Nanu Berks recently put on the first-ever Exist Festival in Austin, TX.  Free Talk Live hosts Ian Freeman and Mike Lorrey were attending and Nanu interviewed us along with a bunch of other attendees like Xprize founder Dr. Harry Kloor.   All of her interviews from the event are being posted to her YouTube.  You can also see some pics from the Exist Festival on Ian's instagram and on Nanu's recent Steemit post.

Thanks to @nanuberks and Rod for the video:

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@inertia showed me this while on https://steemspeak.com hhaha

were making fun of gold backed currencies


And to be honest...these days the term gold backed is becoming a satirical term.

Once it was legitimately true, even though it was still Illegitimately tampered with the by the same forces and entities who manipulate today, nowadays the term means almost nothing!

They, promise that it will become true again at some hazy, indistinct time in the future, but even if it does...


Ya had your chance, you blew it, now we as a global community are creating a better way and many ideas that we perceive to be "coffin dodgers" shall die...Long overdue.

To the future friends :)

Image courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.

To anybody watching this...

When you see the individuals, I use that word deliberately, at the intro and outro of this video, compare them with the mindless, "status quo" automatons wandering like zombies to their "jobs" and reporting to "the man" to ensure they "fit in" whenever the opportunity arises...

Agreeing with every statement that is spoken to them each day, shooting down anything that may sound, different, controversial or that has the risk to single them out as different


Who looks happier, whose smile shines and radiates outwards affecting everything in the vicinity more?

Ooh! Decentralised city, nice concept.

Cool interview, re-stating the principles behind Free Talk and staking our claim on the future.

We are seriously at the cusp of something ENORMOUS...I mean it...Really!

We are gonna change the frickin world.

Images courtesy of the AWESOMETASTICAL Pixabay.