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While you are reading this, the video platform on the basis of the Etherium network - - is quickly gaining momentum.

Today I found this site, I registered and already got the first free tokens on the account!

In simple terms, it's a YouTube analog that pays coins created on the basis of the Ethereum network  -  VIU  (ERC20 token)

Buy VIU, to order advertising or to sell earned money on views, you can only here, or here

The project is only three months old, but it has already managed to gain the support of several serious investors, although it is still at the bottom of the currency market in the market, 1129 place:

Registration is very simple! Snap to email, simple and quick confirmation, coins in your wallet ... It's very simple!

In the future, now they will pay us for advertising :)

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Hi @frol I see you are using 100% power up option. You might not want to do that. I wrote a detailed post explaining why, you should read it.
DON'T USE 100% POWER UP - You Will Lose a Lot of Money
thank me later ;)

Looks interesting, have created an account and will give it a go. Thanks!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste :D greetings