Decentralized Internet Idea I Had

Hi everyone,
I've been watching a lot of videos recently on online privacy and how it is actually quite possible to mess up and have your IP address leaked on TOR if you dont know what you're doing. So, I started thinking on ways that it might be possible to have a decentralized internet or something along the lines of it. I'm not very good at code yet so I thought I'd share the idea and if it turns out it's actually possible to make this work then someone would be able to code it if it's viable.

I'm not sure if it has been done like this before or not but I haven't heard of anything along these lines being done yet.


Since it is simply too much data required to store full websites on the blockchain from what I've been reading, there may be a way around this.
As far as I'm aware with my limited knowledge an IP address's main use is so servers know who to send the data to when someone requests to access a page online. This can be connected to your address and make you easy to track down.
My idea is that why not replace the IP address with a public key on a blockchain. Internet users could generate a private key offline similar to BTC or other cryptocurrencies, then they would only need their public key to access the internet and send and receive requests for pages, which would then be decrypted and displayed to them using their private keys.

This idea might not even be possible as I am not exactly very knowledgeable on how things work behind the scenes with computers, but if it is possible, maybe someone on here would know.

This would not hide your internet traffic from your ISP though, which could use your public key to view all your traffic on the blockchain. A way around this might be to use a VPN or else only browse through TOR, and also to generate a new key every time you go online, this might be able to be done automatically through code built into a wallet, I'm not sure.

You could maybe send a tiny tiny transaction on the blockchain to the website in question, which would be coded to automatically send you the amount you sent to it back to your public key along with the data to access the website attached which your private key would give you access to.

I understand that this idea might be total nonsense to someone who knows more about how things work than I do, But i thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone thinks it might be possible to do something along these lines. Even if this idea is not possible, but it inspires someone to come up with an idea for something new then writing this post has been totally worthwhile.

Thanks for your time everyone.


its a great idea if its possible man itd be cool having more privacy online, then we could maybe go back to 1990 when all our houses werent bugged by multinational corporations recording us lol

I lack the knowledge or expertise needed to answer your questions though, but hopefully some people on here will know more about it and start a conversation

Yea man, I really hope its possible to replace IP addresses with public keys in some way. If someone was able to make it work it'd be awesome