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Looks like there is a new social network cropping up, built up on the premises of not being afraid to express your thoughts and opinions about marijuana advocacy. This new network is called SMOKE.

Before I write this post, I must admit that this is a topic somewhat personal for me. I have a close family member who suffers from Gran Mal Seizures, medically diagnosed, who has tried multiple medications to no avail. The only thing that has worked for her has been medical cannabis.

That said, back to this new social network.

smoke.network1.png is the social network built into the infrastructure.

You might be asking "Well what the heck is this SMOKE thing, anyways? Aren't there a bunch of weedcoins out there already?" And truth be told, that is a great question. But while there may be a bunch of currencies out there attempting to promote themselves as 'pegged to a gram' or dealing with other sort of monetary ecosystem based around cannabis, what does differently is focus on the social aspects of cannabis consumption.

It's no real surprise to anyone that cannabis users have curated and developed their own subculture. Everyone knows about the famous timestamp 4:20 (which is also exactly how much $SMOKE you'll get paid when you join the airdrop. But what many marijuana users lack is an adequate way to express their true thoughts and feeligns on the subject of cannabis consumption and medication without fear of reprisal from the law. The author of this account, @FreedomAdvocacy, even lives in a US state that has not decriminalized cannabis, even for medical use. The mere fact that there could be reprisals for such advocacy has lead the poster on this account to acquire it anonymously. and seek to build a censorship free network, allowing cannabis users to post their stories, their medical questions, their comments, their grow tips and recipes all with the safety and security of an anonymity network, while being paid to post this content through a new #cryptocurrency called $SMOKE. Each time a user makes a social media post about cannabis, they generate $SMOKE. So you can already start to see why this coin is leaps and bounds ahead of other 'weedcoins'

This network already looks fun to be a part of. As a recreational cannabis user in a state where it is illegal to be so, cryptocurrencies, #blockchains and #anonymity are once again proving to be powerful tools for the advocacy of freedom and personal liberty. Smoking cannabis is a personal choice the authorities have no business dictating.

@FreedomAdvocacy fully supports anyone's right to express themselves especially when it comes to medical procedures without fear of reprisal from the law.

Rock on,! Rock on! Check out my referral link!



Nice one @freedomadvocacy, you hit the point 🎯 about everything you say concerning Is it time government have to free Marijuana users (i don't even know what there business is with what someone think is right for him to use). is a blessing to us,i embrace with 20 fingers. Hehehehe

Fun post! Rock on!

You red eyed devil you! :D

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