Bearish market? Find other business for passive income

Good morning Steemit friends and followers!

How are you today? Is your day great? or you are the ones that keep looking at their blockfolio or exodus wallet and still sad because of the pullback of the market?

Haha I feel you. I was like that before. But always look that it is an opportunity to buy it. While it is still cheap. Because no other way it will go but go up eventually. Always look for the coins that are strong fundamentally. Then enter it technically.

Or you can go find other businesses that produce passive income for you. Don't stop in just cryptocurrencies. Go find other fiat money making businesses then invest a portion of the money in cryptos again. Always be on the lookout for this things.

Thank you and a happy week ahead!

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Do you have any suggestions to buy during the down?

Stratis ethereum bitcoin pivx

Thanks ;)

Hi @frankydoodle i am exactly like you this is a great opportunity to get some more coins at a good price and play on a long term game. thank for your post. ^ and follow you

waiting it out until August 1

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