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A comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, Bitsnapp

Started the day of diving in the crypto space, portfolio management is one of the biggest tasks I always try to tackle. Any seasoned or even new crypto investor will easily find their coins and tokens scattered on a wide distributed places like exchanges, personal wallets, mining pool, and so on.

I've attempted to make a one-stop solution to view my crypto portfolio at one glance but ended up having a few applications with different killer features where the others lack, I was so desperate that I even created a fully customized Excel sheet but none of these really matter anymore with the Bitsnapp.

Following will be an in-depth review of this application after some intensive usage for a week.

Breeze-like overview of all assets

The main page Assets is the all-in-one place to show all the crypto holdings by either wallets, exchanges API, Watch-only coins and so on. The top bar shows the total holding value in term of BTC or chosen default currency which is USD in my case. The page is clean with the Basic setting which mainly shows the coin names, changes in 24H, holding amount and equivalent value in BTC and fiat.

Awesome readability credits to the neat interface and sorting method that I often able grep all the information with just a few scrolls. The dark theme of the app is not yet adjustable but it works great with the white-colored font, enhanced the contrast to a just-right level. It leads me to think that the News section should use the same configuration for better readability, more on that later.

Scrolling and data refreshing is rather smooth and I've never experienced any laggy movement by far. If you would like to extract more data on the Assets page, simply switch to the Full view from the right panel where consolidates all the page controls such as collapse/expand listing, sync holdings, sorting and so on.

Many other portfolio apps I've been using does not provide simple feature like this and the dashboard could look like a disaster if you track more than 10 coins.

Strong wallet tracking ability

The second panel Wallet is mainly used for adding coins on the Assets page. Other than the normal New Entry feature which user can define any random entry on any coins, I see the Track Address as a surprise here.

Manually entering entries is going to be troublesome for active traders because they will have to alter the coins amount after every trading, obviously not a sustainable strategy unless for some buy-and-forget-coin. Track Address however, offers a really dynamic and flexible way to monitor flowing of coins by pinpointing the eye on the wallet address itself.

Oh, did I mention the killer feature here in the Track Address, the Smart Track feature? It was designed to auto check the tokens carried by platform coins like the Ethereum. Put in the ETH address and ticking the Smart Track would enable the apps to track all ERC-20 tokens that tie to the main address. A very handy function that I've never seen in any portfolio manager app before!

Looking at the Charts(gif at your right side) for an immediate snap at portfolio assignment as a whole 100%. This statistic would be crucial for those traders who practice portfolio rebalancing tactic which realigning the weightings of different assets to a preset threshold. The Charts will easily be showing the which coin worth the most in the portfolio and which worth the least. A better understanding of portfolio is fundamental to success in the overwhelming crypto space.

I personally track all my coins in Bitsnapp by tracking the address plus adding exchange API(from Binance and Kucoin). No more editing the entries manually for every transaction instead I just have to hit the refresh button every time I want to know the latest information of holdings.

The only drawback is, while Bitsnapp is supporting almost 2000 cryptos, the Track Address is supporting only about 50 coins. This could only be countered by adding the coins manually in the New Entry. Hope the team would work more on this by adding more platform coins. Nonetheless, Track Address still comes in really handy as it covered all the major players in the market.

Hit the addictive News section only if you are free


There is no other space with a faster pace than the crypto. With the News section, one can easily catch up with all the important information from famous sources like CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk and several famous subreddit pages. The first sight at the Sources page annoyed me a little bit because it was all hard-coded and do not allow users to add their favourite sources. Those pre-defined selection will hardly meet my news reading requirements.

But I was wrong.

The algorithm of picking up news from the defined sources is smart enough to fill the page up with interesting and eye-catching titles. On the first visit I was unknowingly surfing the news for 1 hour(I'm a crypto freak), definitely a potential time killer feature I would say. Try to open this section up when you are not in a busy schedule is the only advice I might suggest.

Lastly, the font color is my only complaint as mentioned before. I have hard times to skim through the dark-green font news title from the black background sometimes. It would be great if the white-color font can get in and enhance the readability like how it looks in the Assets page.


I simply could not ask for more features from a crypto portfolio application like Bitsnapp. The fact is, I chose to ignore a lot of other useful features which you might have to see across multiple of different apps. Such as the Fingerprint and custom PIN app lock, Real-time market data and historical charts, Alert system, just to name a few.

This review focused on the killer features that I found interesting and deserve more highlight, but all the minor complementary features are what making this app so comprehensive and user-friendly.

If you are suffering from scattered information and looking for a do-it-all-in-one-place crypto portfolio tracker, look no further.


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Nice one! I use Blockfolio and Altpocket altough i prefer Blockfolio better. But this one seem to have really nice design to it.


I believe this one has more features than both of of the app you mentioned. And the feats integrated in a great way.


Yes it sure looks like it. But is it safe? Thats always my question to new things in crypto xD


It does not store any coins, just tracking them.


Do you use it yourself?


Of cource I do.


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对的,我被邀请写的 Review,结果出乎意料的好用。

Its awesome app bitsnapp for who have lots of coins and worried how to track or manage them

I think that's tracker was very helpful for everyone

Thank you so much for this. I'm a newbie and trying to get my head around Steemit. This has really helped me get started.

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