I hate this fake news tbh, even bloomberg does that I dont know what to trust anymore tbh. I have a anti-fud news shield implemented haha.

Btw, sunny check this out!! facebook bans all ico and crypto related ads

1 question for you as well: did u manage to get out of bitconnect before it crashed? I mean did u sell ur bcc when price was good?

No I didn't. I stopped promoting it long time ago but my own loans were still locked in and I got 60 BCC tokens back for my 21k active investment. Overall with interest rates and referrals I didn't lose anything but the locked in money was gone pretty much.

Yeah I know that you stopped promoting into it. My main question is that if u sold those 60 BCC for a good price before Bitconnect crashed

I saw that video long ago but I was still curious what was exit price he has got.

Sony I have been watching your Channel for a very long time and you are very truthful to your follower and I appreciate that you always be truth what people didn't like to hear the truth so they say you are fud you are bringing fud because they scared they just don't want to hear the truth and you always telling people the truth showing them what is right in front of them that they cannot see but do see it so you were just showing them but some of them do listen and I know that some of them don't that's the reason why no one texts you saying they lose money because you warning them a long time before and I am really appreciate that

I always wondering why the price of tether always be at $1 or $1.1

You mean do they have 2.3 billion in reserve?
I am afraid not.

Wow, Its the first time in a long while I'm seeing Tether at 98 cents, it has always been like 1 and over no matter if there is a drop in the market.

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