Crypto-city conference/hangout tonight at 9pm est

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago (edited)

Chantha Lueung will be hosting a casual conference/hangout to talk day trading and cryptos in general, open topic so feel free to ask anything.

BJ from the net team will be on and one of the director of Rezonova as well to discuss their projects.

All crypto/trading classes and conferences are FREE to the public, signing up is quick and easy. Users can even host their own classes.

My trading skills have improved a lot since I spent 2 hours talking with Chantha the other week as he pointed out many tips that helped my trading game. is about helping the crypto currency community grow, sharing information and tools to help individual people and coin communities

#hangout #trading #cryptotalk #bitcoin


I hope to be there myself, if time permits. I've only been able to attend one chat with C.L., but I took a lot away from it. Can't wait for this one, I'm sure we'll all be glad we took part.

right on, I'll be working so I won't be able to make it. I spent a couple hours with Chantha the other week and he definitely gave me some good trading tips that helped my game, I'm starting to do much better now and more consistent with my trades.

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