Crypto Digest V.2 - JP Morgan Shilling again, Brazil - First Government with Blockchain Voting system, China mining crackdown, Bitpay Security Flaws and Bullying

in cryptocurrency •  10 months ago

"JP Morgan shilling.. Again.."
Dimon is doing more shilling! Watch.. JPMorgan is about to put in another big stake in the oven!
However, he does retract his previous "fraud" comments.. Taking a stance back.

"Brazil solves electoral system using Ethereum Blockchain?"
Brazil! The first government to use blockchain for a voting protocol? THIS IS HUGE for crypto and somewhere I see crypto going in a big way. Solve the corruption. Vote on chain. Live off chain.

"China crackdown on mining energetic output"
China is as confused as we are with how they're going to deal with mining operations. I think in the end they will implement huge fee's that will counterbalance infrastructure expansion for their power grids. But for now, mining may be "restricted." Which is HUGE news for BTC tx times. And crypto in general.

"Bitpay Bullying other wallets ? Security flaws in implementation?"
Bitpay bullying other wallets into switching to a sending protocol that doesn't show the wallet address. Is this jumping the gun? My worry of non-wallet addresses is it moves away from the idea of our wallets. Our money. It easily could transition from "psuedo" addresses into their "bank routing numbers."
to accompany this, Jan 14th will be known as "BCC change the address day" where users can customize their addresses.

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Jamie Dimon's shilling face is priceless.. patiently awaiting their 100M $ buy in O:) .. again..

Brazil taking the lead for voting is amazing! Could fix one of democracies biggest issues.. Waiting for a white paper of a voting protocol based chain O:) hope our ID's dont go on blockchain too.. I'm good existing outside of the blockchain.

Too much government control, that's why we got into crypto in the first place.


I agree 100%

Do you think BTC could gain with the same pace? Is it going to be the year for Altcoins?


I think both honestly... BTC will definitely go higher and many alt coins will too.

Lovely. Good info.