Fourth Quarter 2018 Payout Instruction

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We are approaching the date of’s fourth quarterly payout of 2018. The exact date of the transaction won’t be announced for security reasons. This payout will cover the period from October 1st till December 31st included.


Please be prepared before the date of the snapshot and move your FYP tokens to your relevant storage. The deadline is before January 14th 10:00 GMT+1. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in the loss of your payout.

Should the payout be smaller than the cost of the transaction, the payout won't be sent.

In order to ensure correct receiving of ETH, we provide you with this detailed guideline.

To receive your payout, your FYP tokens should be stored in one of the following:

• open-Source & Client-Side Ether Wallet – e.g. MyEtherWallet and Metamask
• hardware wallets – e.g. Trezor and Ledger
• - the only exchange that supports FYP token payouts
• Ethereum desktop wallet – e.g. Mist and Parity

MyEtherWallet, Metamask and hardare wallets:
If your FYP tokens are stored in MyEtherWallet or hardware wallets (Trezor and Ledger), you will get an incoming ETH transaction from the payout address. Then you may store the received ETH or send it to another wallet or exchange.

If your FYP tokens are stored on any other exchange besides HolyTransaction, we strictly recommend to move those FYP tokens to your HolyTransaction wallet, MyEtherWallet or another preferred wallet. FYP balances on the exchanges (excluding HolyTransaction) will not receive payouts with no possibility to claim it later. No requests/tickets about payouts being sent to exchanges will be processed by our support team.

Mist, Parity and other Ethereum desktop:
If you store FYP tokens in a desktop wallet (Mist, Parity or another), your wallet will get an incoming ETH transaction from the payout address. Then you may store your received ETH or send it to another wallet or exchange.


  • What is the payout?
    Token owners receive 50% profit sharing quarterly, further known as– “payout”.

  • What currency will the payout be sent in?
    The payout will be sent in the form of ETH.

  • What is the expected payout per 1 FYP token?
    The amount of payout will be announced after the payout.

  • What if I don’t move my tokens out of the exchanges?
    Token owners keeping their tokens on exchanges besides HolyTransaction after the deadline won’t receive their payouts, with no possibility to claim it. No requests/tickets about payouts being sent to exchanges will be processed by our support team.

  • What should I do if I hold FYP tokens in different addresses?
    We recommend you move your FYP tokens to a single address. This is to make sure the payout per address is higher than cost of the transaction.

  • I’m not sure if I got my payout. Where can I find it?
    You may easily validate any transaction through Etherscan using your address. Otherwise if you hold your FYP on HolyTransaction, you will see it in your wallet history.

  • Who do I get in contact with if I have any questions?
    Please, contact our support team via email.

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