Thought this might be interesting to share - helping a friend get started in Cryptocurrency.

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I am really excited to be helping a friend get on board with crypto. Here is what they have accomplished so far. (This is a couple of weeks of effort...)

  1. They signed up for Coinbase.

  2. They got verified. (takes a few days)

  3. They linked their bank account.

  4. They "deposited funds". (sent from the bank into Coinbase - this takes a few days)

  5. When the funds arrived, I went to visit and helped them set up google authenticator for Coinbase which automatically includes the sister site, GDAX. Then we transferred the funds to GDAX. Here we put "market maker" bids in to achieve zero fees - that is, we "put a buy in at a price lower than the current market price". Anything above the current market price, one can put a "sell" in. Make sense? Congratulations, you now know what it is to be a market maker! Yippie!!!

  6. I had this person also sign up for Telegram on their iPhone so that they could get a Bancor account - a decentralized exchange.

  7. They then signed up for the Bancor account.

  8. This person also used my link to buy a Ledger Nano S, and yesterday I helped them update the firmware on the device - and install several wallets. So cool. This person expects to be given a gift in DigiByte, so DigiByte is one of the wallets we installed on the Ledger Nano S to receive and secure the funds once sent. We then told the ledger to spit out a DigiByte "send to" or "public" address and emailed it to the gift giver. I then looked up the DigiByte address on a DigiByte Blockchain Explorer in their web browser so they could confirm the amount was sent without pulling out the Ledger Nano S. The Blockchain would interrogate the address to see if the funds are there any time they wanted. We then bookmarked this website page in the browser so they could punch it up anytime with ease.

  9. Today I had them install Teamviewer so I could log on and help them see the status of the "buys" we put it because the market actually started to turn around. We both agreed after doing some market analysis together that the prices were likely to fall further. We were wrong, at least in the short term. So today, via Teamviewer, we adjusted some of the bids. We are still patiently waiting for the market to "come to us". We are both feeling like it will.

  10. Going forward we plan to send some Ethereum to Bancor to buy some BABB Coin and Pundi-X coin. Both are supposedly long term holds that will net 500 to 1000 times gains in the next two to three years. We will be talking about many other coins as well in the coming weeks as we both look for other interesting investments.

  11. Total cost to this person? The promise they made, to me, to pay it forward. Interested in a similar helping hand? Let me know. No charge. Just the promise please.

Would you like to sign up for Coinbase? Here is a link that will save you ten bucks if you spend 100. They give it to you in Bitcoin. Click here

And here is my link for a Ledger Nano S (Ledger recommends you only buy directly from them) - Click here



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@flycryptoguy nice very good


Thanks! I find it an amazing experience to walk someone through this process, it seems so simple to me after being involved for a while, but through their eyes, I can actually see how confusing and overwhelming it can be to the newcomer.

: )


Nice posting good luck to@flycryptoguy thanks

Wow,,!post very nice to@flycryptoguy saya sangat sukak dengan berita anda thank you

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