A little analysis ( Analysis 01 ) What will happen ?

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Post in spanish: https://steemit.com/spanish/@flpmorera/creen-que-seguira-la-subida-un-pequeno-analisis-ltc-frente-a-usd

(Analysis 01)

I'm back here, thanks for the support shown. I want to dedicate this space to also putting small analyzes in order to share ideas and practice and improve

Analyzing ltcusd:

Although the MACD shows a clear selling trend, the resistance of the bullish channel is holding up correctly, so it could continue with the rise to levels of 52usd, otherwise it will be necessary to wait if the support of 47usd is broken and See how it evolves.



To be continued,

Noob trying to learn, forgive the possible errors in my analysis.
I hope you enjoy

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