How investing in Ripple XRP supports war and geneocide and why I'm selling 100%

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

ripple war.jpg

I'm going to be controversial and honest. If I have Ripple in my portfolio I am supporting war and genocide. Banks apart from those who are ethical like in the UK are still lending FIAT money to arms companies which in turn supply governments to fight illegitimate wars with.

I feel I must sell 100% of my ripple so I don't support this practice. If ripple did other projects I might hang on to it, but their only purpose is to help banks as I see it.

I realise this is a sweeping statement and I am targetting Ripple, in fact any cryptocurrency that connects to the FIAT banking system and promotes its existence could be included. I do see the positives of Ripple making transactions quicker and cheaper in FIAT land but at the expense of war?

This has really woken me up to looking at other Cyptocurrencies as well as FIAT accounts (credit cards, loans and pensions) that are linked to the war machine - in fact I am going to close my credit card account as it is with a non ethical bank and I dont use it.

I entered the Cryptoverse from a libertarian point of view enabling us all to become sovergeign and detached from the military-industrial complex we live in. Over the last six months I have seen myself become addicted to the profit I am making out of Cryptocurrencies at the expense of my principles for creating a better society.

The above are my opinions and I look forward to hearing your comments on good ethical cryptocurrency investments.

Take care and thanks for reading!


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