Cryptocurrency is going to change the world. My research.

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CryptoCurrency is MASSIVE! A Solution not a Trend. To put it simply, it is your Money in Digital Form. It will empower those people who have No Bank Accounts. It will facilitate faster financial transactions. It cannot be counterfeited.
It is like Facebook which is digital, global and networked. It is carried thru the internet via a very Powerful Blockchain Technology which has been the most powerful invention since the birth of the internet. And soon, it will replace the US Dollar as world-reserve currency.

Google Countries such as Russia and the People's Republic of China, Central Banks, and the economic analysts and groups, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council, have expressed a desire to see an independent new currency replace the dollar as the reserve currency.

  • And yet, there are WELL over 600 types of CryptoCurrencies out there but there will be only one CryptoCurrency that will be used globally. This is the year that you will remember forever, 2017 !!!


  1. Two Billion 'Unbanked'
  • World bank reports that 40% of world's adults, 2 billion people, No bank accounts.
  • No Financial Empowerment. No loans. No development. No security. No hope.
  • Source of all majors developing world problems.
  • World's No. 1 problem!
  • No banking because too hard, too expensive.
  • Empowerment starts with currency. Cryptocurrency allows for ultra-low cost banking because digital mobile-based.
  • Market worth- trillions!
  1. Remittances
  • Person to Person international money transfers.
  • $583 billion 2014 World Bank.
  • Up to 29% cost. Average 7.7%
  • Expensive, Restricted, Inconvenient.
  • CryptoCurrency 80% cheaper, faster, unlimited.
  1. Protect Income & Wealth
  • If your income & wealth is based in a currency, it is dependent on the strength of a currency.
  • Most currencies are weak.
  • 'Strong' currencies are being destroyed.

Let's be clear, the only reason government is open to crypto-currency is because they see it as a way to instill MORE control. They have no other choice. The Federal Reserve Scam is failing. Inflation is about to burst. Monopolizing the money supply is about to come back and haunt the USA like most people can't even fathom.

The elites didn't just wake up one day and decide they're against tyranny. They're addicted to it. Crypto-currency outside of government (less control) & those being created by governments (more control) will soon begin competing. The idea of a programmable and completely transparent money to control the masses is like waving a cutting edge nuke in front of a power-hungry dictator. The revolutionary aspect of this technology will be decided by the people.

We can conform to the upcoming "FedCoin" and further embed our status of money slaves, or we can choose those currencies OUTSIDE the governments and take back our power.
When You tell people that the U.S. Dollar/ Currency is Tanking and soon to be Obsolete, (because all Currencies throughout the World are Slowly but "SURELY" Converting to "Digit Currencies") .... most people Laugh (as if the U.S. Dollar will be around forever).

But What's Really FUNNY is........

"ONLY" the Top 20 Universities in the U.S. such Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc... has now made it "MANDATORY" for their Students to Learn & Take Courses in "Crypto-Currencies".
WHY have these Schools made this Course a "Requirement" you might Ask????
Their reasoning is because these Students have Invested Top Dollars, for Top Education, and they don't want their Students to be "LEFT BEHIND"!!!
THE QUESTION: Left Behind Who???
THE ANSWER: Left Behind the Masses!!! The Masses who won't/ don't take the time to Educate themselves on what's "About" to take place with the Currency in our World.
As the Saying Goes... "There Are 3 Types of People in the World".
-Those who "Take Advantage/ Make" Things Happen.
-Those who "Nod, Complain, & Watch" Things Happen.
-Those who "Wonder"..... What the Heck Just Happened.
The "INFO" is FREE.
The ability to "Learn" it.... is "SOLD SEPARATELY"

Why Cryptocurrency
One thing is for sure, the world around us is changing when it comes to how we can buy things and how "effectively" we can send money around the world.
As you can see, our wealth triangle is centered around cryptocurrency and it's by design. Like it or not, know enough about it or not, want it or not, it's our future.
Cryptocurrency is the fancy name of your local coin and paper money being converted into a digital form Sort of like how PayPal and ApplePay work.
When you get paid and your check is deposited into your bank account and then you use a debit card to spend those funds, you're basically functioning in the digital currency space. All aspects from getting paid to buying a product was via electronic or digital means. You never really touched the money. There are a number of cryptocurrency's and they all have a local currency value.
Example: 1 Bitcoin may have a dollar value of $2,500.00. (As I write this)
With our wealth triangle, we have 2 very lucrative Bitcoin (BTC) platforms and a solid Ethereum (ETH) platform. Altogether, it's a drastic life changing income if you join us and follow our system.
We are not involved in another "me too" company where we have to sell high priced lotions and potions and pills or have to stock our garage with extra products or have to sell what we have on eBay to basically get some of our money back.
The $1.00 you earn in a traditional product based company will still be worth $1.00 at the same time next year. The BTC or ETH you earn today could be worth 100 times that at the same time next year.
With Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin for example, I can be in the United States and send $1,000.00 worth of Bitcoin to Germany, Canada, Australia, England, and China for good so and/or services and not have all the red tape, the delays, or the high costs to convert dollars to their currency. In seconds, I can send any amount of Bitcoin I want... no matter where the receivers are located. They in return get the funds in minutes, not days or weeks.

I strongly believe cryptocurrency will change the world for the better.

It can stop world poverty dramatically!!!

Spread the word and let families and friends know about cryptocurrency!!


That is an awesome write up!!!!

Do you know how to use Markdown to enhance your posts? I'm a little obsessed with it now. It's so fun!

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