πŸ“ˆ FlaminGirl Technical Observation on Why Steemit is going to the Moon!!!πŸš€

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Dear steemians,

Today, I want to share with you the FlaminGirl Technical Observation on why Steemit is going to the moon!!!

A few months ago, I discovered Steemit and the world of cryptocurrencies. I started blogging in September 2017 and I invested some of my money on Bitshares.

This world is new for me so, I read every day to know more about the subject. Fortunately, there are many people on this platform who do a great job and write really interesting articles about cryptocurrencies.

To help me to see more clearly, I use this prodigious website: http://blocktivity.info/.

Thanks to this website, I can offer you this technical observation today!

What is the best way to consider the value of a blockchain project?

Obviously, there is market capitalization. But observing activity on the blockchain is probably the closest way to the real value.

If we look today at what is the most used project by people, we see that number One is STEEMIT.

Moreover, he has just broken a record of 2,068,341 Transactions!

Its market cap is only $ 1.2 Billion, and we can see that it is actually only 0.13% of its total blockchain processing capacity.

If we compare with BITCOIN, which has a market cap of 169 Billion dollars, we can see that it performs on average 6 times less transaction than Steemit. Even with much fewer transactions processed, Bitcoin is already saturating (100% of its capacity) with tens of thousands of transactions waiting for confirmation.

We can see that its growth is really limited.

In summary, Seemit and Bitshares, all based on Graphene technology, have an incredible potential! This is the reason why I invested my time and my money in these two cryptocurrencies.


FUD and HYPE are responsible for the "misplaced" capitals in the cryptocurrency space.
Blocktivity provides a clear comparison of capitals and real public adoption or activity in the blockchain.
This website allows you to see in real time which project is actually used by people.
Which, in my opinion, is the best predictor of the future value you can have.

What do you think my dear steemians?

When will it the 3,000,000 transactions target???

Keep Steeming my friends!

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

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Steemit to the moon ^^

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@Flamingirl is launched by Kim Jong-un :D


hahaha nooo by spaceX :'D @bert0


πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Really Good comment @bert0 !!!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


I love it !!!!!! Can I use it ???
Thank you sooooooo much @red-panther
😊 😊 😊


Thank you for your upvote i really appreciate it :) Yes you can use it no problem @flamingirl . I really love to put some thoughts and a few more minutes to create a creative comment. So when ever you see any of my comments with a nice picture or animation under one of your articles you can use it :) No problem at all.


Thank you for your nice comment, I really appreciate it :)

Count on me! It is always a pleasure to reward the efforts of others!
I do not know how to do this kind of gif so I will use yours with joy;)
I follow you!


Thank you very much :) I did another animation on your restaurant story ^^


Steem is undoubtedly the king of transactions.
What make steem stands strong for me, The use case.
We are hodling steem power. We are using it to help and share and grow steem.
So many applications are plugged to steem to enhance the end user experience.
I remembered a few months back. There was an issue with steemit.com
Nobody can log in to post or do anything.
It was a ddos on the site steemit.com
It didn't stop us.
busy.org works fine.
esteem was working fine.
Now we have a lot more plus SMT.
Sky is the limit on what we can do with steem.
Good post to keep us in line with what we have all steemians.
Keep on steemin'


I totally agree with you my friend and I can not wait for the new version of steemit !!!

thanks for your sharing

I like steem for all the reasons you described! Plus the social aspect of steemit makes for a long term winning combination in my opinion! Thanks for the post!

Why are people putting so interested in the transaction count? Sure, it's a major issue for BTC and was an issue for ETH, but is it a good indicator of steem price?

I'm sure we will hit the 3 million transaction target sometime this year
2018 will be a great year for steem,thanks for sharing.

I think it will reach 3 million transactions pretty soon growth is usually exponential.


Yes, to the moon we go!


I hope !!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ 😊

There is a lot chitter chatter out there but I think this is some well thought, clear insight. Very unselfish of you to share. Will upvote


Thank you my friend for your interesting comment. Have a great day and steem on!

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

I am really optimistic as well. According to alexa.com steemit is 554 ranked in most visited websites in USA. That's an accomplishment for sure! #gosteem


I’m in the website business, this is a great accomplishment!


OMG! 554 ranked in most visited websites in USA!!! πŸš€ πŸ˜ŠπŸš€ πŸ˜ŠπŸš€ πŸ˜ŠπŸš€ 😊

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While the amount of activity on the Steemit blockchain is definitely important, I think it's even more astounding that there are almost no scalability issues like we've seen with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sure, there might be some bandwidth issues for new users, but this seems like a rather small issue if you look at the grand scale of things.

It's good to know it, great article.

Fair enough that activity is important for a blockchain to thrive.
But I'm just wondering, is activity with Steem so high because of the upvote system resulting in many tiny transfers on the Steem network? Newbie here, so just asking.

bitshares coin nice

Thanks for sharing this. As Steemit's traction increases, it is very important to show beginners how to use the platform effectively - my latest post series covers a lot of beginners tips, I'd really appreciate your support on it!

Wow such a nice information about steemit and i know steemit is go to moon soon and now steemit is best option for investers and i also invest in steemit i know he can change my life


πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ 😊 Steem On my friend !!!!!!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ 😊

Steem.io is a blockchain with easy-to-understand applications for everyone. Who doesn't understand the use of social media or video broadcasting? Despite being on Steemit for only 2 days, I love it and I think it and all the other Steem-related platforms create the basis for a bright future for this chrypto and the underlying blockchain.

Is it just my imagination, or is this basically a copy pasted version of other steemit posts on how we have the most transactions? No offense, just seems to be something that comes up a lot.

Raw transaction amounts are kind of meaningless to compare in this scenario because the other chains have fees attached, we could send steem all over the place infinitely and post huge numbers even if it's a bunch of 0.001 spam sent between two people.


They may be more blogs speaking about it but I wasn't aware of their existence. Please, send me the links, I would be interested in reading them. 😊

Also, Steem limits the blog's quantity, comments and transactions you can make depending on the quantity of SP you own. The more you have the more you can "spam" but it would be like shooting a bullet in your own foot because you would damage the blockchain you have invested money in. I don't see any kind of wide spamming actor in Steemit and I believe these 2 million transactions have a meaning so far.

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

Nice article! Check out please my article about VLAD the Impaler fortified church. Thank YOU for supporting my work! πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing this insight, steemit is really pulling weight and will continue to pull weight. Kudos

Steemit se ha vuelto parte de mis dias, seguire invirtiendo en esta red para lograr algo muy positivo como muchas otras personas que ya tienen tiempo en esta red. Por ahora toca esforzarme y seguir buscando ayudas para crecer! Exitos! siempre pendiente desde Venezuela.


ContinΓΊa asΓ­!
Β‘No renuncies a tus esfuerzos es la soluciΓ³n para una vida mejor!
Saludos de Barcelona

Thanks for useful information and sharing.
I expect support for cooperation.

Hello @flamingirl I find your analysis very refreshing. and like you I thank all of Steemit's friends who write about the movement in the Steemit marketplace. And I am behaving your opinion regarding the strength of this Cryptomontage and that we still have a lot to see as transactions are increasing every day more and more. Thank you very much for the analysis and recommendation.


Thank you so much @julian2018 for your nice comment!!! Have a great day and Steem on!

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

Really, this is a wonderful brother. I wish Steemit more success and success in the future. It is really beautiful and the most beautiful is the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Thank you @flamingirl

I think Steemit is still in its infancy. Obviously, we are still in Beta mode, I imagine once the kinks are worked out, and the platform is slightly more user friendly, it would make sense to start a massive advertising campaign, once the general public is aware of the many benefits of Steemit, I think it will be just as popular as Facebook and Twitter. So although, I don’t think Steemit is currently undervalued, I do believe it’s value will exponentially grow over the next 3 years, and it’s a very safe and profitable investment. Thank you for your analysis!


I totally agree with you! Thank you for this interesting comment! By the way, do we know more about the new version of Steemit ??? I can't wait !!! ^^

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

Nicely said.

If anything, the human factor, the positivity and the greatness is what us users are making it move forward.

Here's to connecting with ya @flamingirl. Always glad to meet another dancer here.


Thanks for your nice comment my dancer friend!


You a bgirl too!?

good insight and thanks for the tips. Doing my best to make heads or tails of where to invest and I havent seen the blocktivity website yet. Always appreciate the clear and concise insight and new ways to make data driven decisions.


I am happy to share relevant and clear information! Thank you for this nice and interesting comment!

πŸŽ€ FlaminGirl πŸŽ€

Oooh, I like that matrix chart @flamingirl . I never was able to visualize it until I saw this. I'm sure hoping it grows. Steem seems to do pretty well when bitcoin drops.

This is great creativity from you, i love it

I have an idea that may will drive us beyond the moon, as a member from Plankton level I'm suffering to get interaction although my works is good and original all property rights belong to me. Every creative Plankton suffer like me why? I will tell you why, because we work hard to create something good but in the end nobody care about our works like that plankton will look for bot services or spam comments.
As a solution why whales and witness don't give a chance to the creative planktons for example I'm a witness/whale i will go to new posts take a look and chose one or two good posts (if just every witness/whales encourage 2 creative planktons believe this 2 will work hard will encourage others to work hard and get the rewards) and upvote it like that we will encourage these persons to work hard and give the best and that will drive the platform to the top as i said will drive us beyond the moon not just to the moon
I'm a plankton but i have whale thoughts you will see that when i will complete my topic about bot services all of them are bad but sometimes you can get profits from them. As they say " to each person a weakness point".

Thank you so much for this cryptocurrency news update providing.... i like this post.. best of luck my dear friend......

we are waiting for next .that will be steemit to the jupiter ...hahahaha

great tnx for it

nice article @flamingirl. Being a newbie on steemit, I appreciate a follow/a vote.

cu doss to you @flamingirl
you have done a great job

I really hope steem can reach a price of $ 1000 this year :)

Jika steemit pergi ke bulan sungguh membuat saya sebagai pendatang baru di dunia steemit hilang semangat dan jadi sedih. Saya @junsusukhairi dari Indonesia ( Aceh) baru 7 hari bergabung di dunia steemit. saya baru saja memfollow anda @flamingirl dan inilah postingan anda yang pertama saya komentari Kalau anda berkenan saya ingin anda melihat-lihat postingan saya, dan jika menyukainya tolonglah memberikan upvote. Saya akan berterimakasih untuk hal itu. Semoga tuhan memberkati anda !!!
If steemit goes to the moon really makes me as a newcomer in the world of steemit lost spirit and so sad. I am @junsusukhairi from Indonesia (Aceh) just 7 days joined in the world of steemit. I just started your blog and here's my first post comment If you miss @flamingirl wish I want you to look at my post, and if you like it please give upvote. I would be grateful for that. God bless you !!!

Nice post. Blocktivity is a great tool for helping see the big picture. However, this is fundamental analysis contrary to the title of the post which suggests it was going to be technical analysis.

SOo The Servers Are Going to The Moon

yeah, i dont understant much about cryptocurrencies but i know coins like bitcoin are mainly used in HYPE programs like Bitconnect or stored up in peoples accounts not really for transactions... great write up , was very emlightening

me encanto tu post es interesante como adquirimos informacion nueva y aprendemos cada dia mas y mas.. felicitacions

la creatividad es lo que nos permite expresar lo que sentimos o como nos sentimos y demuestro lo que queremos expresar y decir felicitaciones..

What a pity. what I'm largely here do not understand(((. But it is very trying.

@flamingirl Running it is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. all of them have their own processes. The process must be passed and no time to process it until the destination

2018 is the year for steem!