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I've been totally immersed in cryptocurrencies since the day I met Steemit, and it blew my mind on how you could be taking some profits from the amount of time we spend on the internet, sharing content, talking to people, and also answering questions. I was searching for some other ways to earn some crypto without investing FIAT money and only using our time, knowledge and skills, and I did find a couple of well know platforms that I'll be talking later, like 21.co or Ark which basically is a curation platform.

But today I want to talk about Cent

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What is it?

Cent is a website that is basically an answering questions site, where you either ask the question or write the answer, if you are asking then you need to offer a bounty for responding to the task and the ones answering are competing to earn the prize. You need to have a browser eWallet linked to your Cent account, they recommend MetaMask to works, I must say I try out the Metamask wallet when I was transferring some ETH to buy EOS from the EOS site and it was pretty easy to use, I will try to make another post talking about Metamask.

How it works?

It's pretty simple, you ask a question, set a bounty for the best answer and then you got other group of people trying to win that money. I've been trying this out for a couple of days and I've seen rewards goes from 0.01 ETH + 0.84 $ to 0.15 ETH = 12.64 $ so as you can see you have a pretty good margin and bounties depend on the type of question. Most probably that the prize for the question "How was your day today?" is lower than "Can you help me finding a mistake in this html5 sheet?".

Best of it?

I think it's an amazing way to star earning some crypto, if you are new on this and want to have some ETH to start trading this is a great way to earn some passive income and not risking any "pocket" money. We all spend such a big amount of time on the internet talking and arguing about different topics, so this could also give you a benefit for doing it, besides you are probably helping some other people who are willing to pay for a descent answer.

Check this site, I'm still getting to know it and if you already know this platform feel free to comment and discuss it in the comments, I'd like to hear some other users about it.

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Thanks, looks interesting. I tried to do this on Steemit for maths and physics but just not the takers as yet.


That's a good idea, I was thinking about how this could be useful for studying and also for working communities to help get and objective point about some issues based on the knowledge of an expert, thanks for the upvote and resteem.

I will try it out someday!

It's a very interesting and useful post thanks for sharing I like your post and thanks for your information