One step at a time

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Working as a full time English teacher in Thai public school has been a blessing. Everyone is taking school and life in general very easily. But opening your own English club is another level of freedom. There is no program or obligations to follow.

The rules are:

  1. Truth
  2. Consensus
  3. Enjoy

If you are not sure about the rule number 1 it is about time you open that book of Chuck Palahniuk, or go to thepiratebay and re watch THE movie.

Number of people in the class is around 10 and growing.

During the last sessions we dipped our toes in blockchain technology, installing Agama wallet and writing down our seed phrases on a paper. If successful, student received a transfer of 10 KMD.

Here I would like to address an issue which is unequal distribution of resources.

As a foreign teacher in Asia, one easily receives an income 3 times higher than the average of the region, which makes it possible to become a funnel of equalization. Obviously the hope is that students will invest their funds and hodl for the bright future, but if they want to spent their resources on buying new weapons for online gaming there is no pressure from teachers side.

Other than attempt to equalize the wealth gap teacher is trying to shift the paradigm: student invests time and money in order to get a certain knowledge.
Now, as an English teacher I started to ask my students what new things did they learn this week, and surprisingly most of the time no one can recall any new knowledge, meaning that they invest time and money, but the school is not fulfilling its duties. So it seems fair that the students should receive a “salary” for being trained to fulfill the needs of society. They should be rewarded for the wasted time.

Adoption one step at a time.

We all hear about the importance of the market research and the need of a large user base for the dApp to succeed. But what if there is only one user, and many beneficiaries? What if there is a tool that allows teacher to note the name and the KMD address, rewarding students for their attendance? What if we hit the moon and plenty of “third world” families will be granted a lucky ticket? What if…?


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